Review / Test: iPhone 5 Platinum accessories Pack


One of products characteristic of our partner, what are its Ultimate Packs. Therefore, I thank them for providing us with one of the iPhone 5, exists also for other smartphones or tablets. These Ultimate packs include a set of accessories considered essential for your mobile device, whether in storage or protection, level and all in a pack at low cost.

But they are worth the trouble? The ratio quality / price is present (€29)? The answer in the following lines…


Contents of the pack:

All contents of the pack, except the auto suction cup.

All contents of the pack, except the auto suction cup.


  1. A FlexiShield hull
  2. A desk stand
  3. An adjustable car mount
  4. A case
  5. Three MFX anti-glare screen protectors
  6. A stylus for capacitive screen that pen still black
  7. Sport armband

As you can see, it is not stolen quantity! It takes nothing more to ensure the protection of our aircraft!


1. Hull FlexiShield:

Hull FlexiShield

Hull FlexiShield

It’s a shell of base for iPhone 5, I unfortunately didn’t test it, because I don’t own a Iphone. Nevertheless, it is soft, light and unobtrusive.

Single article link:—noire.htm

Price: €11,99


2. Support office:

Support office

Support office

Office support, practical when it is not known where to store his camera.

Aluminium base has a non-slip surface, making that once the unit is in position, we can write without that support begins to recede. On the other hand, there will be many vibrations but it, it’s normal.

The setting is easy, either in landscape or portrait mode. The device stays stuck to support because it is covered with a sticky surface. What has advantages: very good fixation, I myself have shaken all without that iPod detaches and Moreover, the iPod is not dirtied by the glue!

Disadvantage: if it does not protect the media dust it is covered with dust and deviate unusable (so I recommend to keep the plastic film, which is located on unpacking and putting it back after each use)

IPod Touch 5 G mode landscape

iPod Touch 5 G in mode landscape

IPod Touch 5 G mode portrait. Noted the fineness of the base

iPod Touch 5 G in mode portrait. Note the fineness of the base

As you can see, the iPod exceeds a bit of hand and on the other, what makes that once, it no longer sees only him :)

Single article link:

Price: € 10.49


3. Car support Omniholder:

Very good support for car that this is. It can be adjusted in seconds and would like very much. I attached it to the windshield of a 4 x 4, and despite the bumps (tested in any field), it not is is not picked up and the camera remained relatively stable (there were vibrations, but it is normal). It is easily adjustable and easily turns portrait to landscape. In addition, it does not interfere with ports / connectivity of the device (see on the pictures, all edges are free)

Default: the support arm is short, which makes if ever your windshield is far away, you have to stretch the arm, which is even embarrassing for driving.

It also comes with a sticker if you do not want to use the suction cup.

Car holder Omniholder

Car holder Omniholder

Support auto mode landscape with Ipod touch 5G

Support auto mode landscape with iPod Touch 5 G

Support Ipod touch 5G in mode auto portrait

Support auto with iPod Touch 5 G mode portrait

Single article link:

Price: €11,99


4. Protective case:

Lets put his camera away, which avoids including the claws. It is made of a material which is very soft, suede style. The pouch has a tab to quickly remove the device from the case in the event of appeal. It is by no means exclusive to the iPhone, any other device with the correct dimensions can use it.

The unit is completely immune, but I doubt that this can protect it from dropping.

Pouch for Iphone, Iod touch or any other smartphones.

Pouch for iPhone, iPod Touch or any other smartphone.

Link to the single object:—noir.htm

Price: €11,99


 5. MFX anti-glare screen protector:

It is a fine sticker sheet that applies to even the screen to avoid scratching.  The pack offers 3 sheets.

Easy application, although the instruction is in English.

Pack of 3 screen protectors.

Pack of 3 screen protectors.

Advantages: avoids the clutches and makes that the screen no longer reflects. Which is very practical if it is used in car.

Disadvantage: the pen (which is described in the next item) is so reactive once the slip in place. But the use with your fingers is not bored.

Once the slip applied you notice that the screen no longer reflects light.

Once the slip is applied, you will find that the screen no longer reflects light.

Single article link:

Price: € 15.49

Note: These screen protection being made for the iPhone 5, you can see that the front camera on the iPod Touch is covered here, so not possible to use it.


 6. The pen:

Fine, light and discreet.

In addition to reacting to perfection on capacitive screen, it also has the classic pen function (by that, I mean you can write with ink). The pen function is ensured by a rubber boot, so no risk of claw for the screen (unless mistaken sense… :) )

Stylus from a pen on the other and side

Stylus from a pen on the other and side

Single article link:

Price: €11,99

7. Armband sport:

For lovers of sport of any kind (except swimming ;)), the cuff will accompany you. IPod Tran 5 G and 4G slip easily into the Pocket.

Sport armband.

Sport armband.


The arm being adjustable strap, it should go to all, the strap is closed by velcro. The material used is neoprene, which allows the skin to breathe.

Sport with Ipod Touch armband

Sport with iPod Touch armband

The device must be put in a plastic bag, putting away from scratches and water. But plastic to not interfere with navigation in the camera, you can pretty much keep the cuff on your arm and change the music or check your race.


In conclusion:

Very satisfied with this pack, a value for money more than present. It offers all the necessary protection for the device. And it is much cheaper to order the items separately: separately we arrive at €73.94 (without the cuff), the choice of the pack is therefore significantly more advantageous!

Mark of 16/20

Where I remove points, it’s one for the choice of the color, no possibility of customization and not really big shell shock.

Overall, the different products all convinced me, they do what is expected of them, but no more.

Link to the pack:

That is all, I would like to thank for this pack.



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