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So far, it was still necessary to be roote (so making changes to have administrator rights in resulting in the loss of the warranty of your phone) on Android to block pubs! All anti-ad applications required to be root, without exception: Adfree, Adaway, ect… This era is now over! (Finally […]

Android: how to block ads without being roote!

When you want to share an article from a site, there are several solutions: give the direct link, take the text and put it in a word or text file, or make a screenshot (photo by your screen). But in the case of screenshots, one often has the problem that […]

URLCapt, or how to make a full screenshot of a ...

Android applications can be updated in 2 ways: the automatic way and the manual way. The automatic way is simple: as soon as Google detects an update of an application of Google Play Store (formerly the Android Market), it puts the application to update using either wifi or 3G. The […]

Update applications Android only via Wifi!

When you buy a new PC already installed, it is all beautiful, brand new with its protections glued plastic with lots of air bubbles… When you start, you have the surprise does not see as fast as on the paper and you thought… In a sense, this is normal because […]

Clean a new PC

  Edit 12/02/2013: Another possible error is "Prohibited domain name". To work around this, read at the end of article the possible ways to bypass the message "Domain name banned". Edict of 13/07/2012: The error was changed to "this content is not available in your country". Edit from 06/12/2012: You […]

Canal +: This content is not available in your country

  Let's go straight to the point, I do not think it is useful to explain why we must secure and protect its Wordpress site. Not that it is vulnerable to attacks, but because there are a lot of computer attacks on the net. Here are the various ways to […]

Secure your Wordpress site!