Canal +: This content is not available in your country

Media error 13 canal +.


Edit 12/02/2013: Another possible error is "Prohibited domain name". To work around this, read at the end of article the possible ways to bypass the message "Domain name banned".

Edict of 13/07/2012: The error was changed to "this content is not available in your country".

Edit from 06/12/2012: You can also watch the short on DPstream series. I had already spoken of DPstream here.

Edit 11/06/2012: To be able to download for free and without blocking videos from Canal Plus as a brief, zapping, the small newspaper, the newspaper, etc… read the comments.


channel content accessible country


For a good while, I am short of Canal + series.

Before, I had no problem reading, but recently, I noticed that all new videos posted on the site of Canal +, including videos of the short series not me was more accessible!

After some research, I quickly realized that all new videos gave me the error this video is no longer available: Media Error 13. (Edit: this error is now "this content is not available in your country", which is much more explicit than the previous error message)


It was simple, either Canal Plus had a big problems with their videos, either the error message was not sufficiently explicit and so the video was blocked for one reason or another!

It is the 2nd assumption that quickly verified! All people outside France, like me who am in Belgium, can no longer see the videos from Canal + and gain this famous Media Error 13 at Canal +! Whether you are in Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, or any other country, you can no longer watch channel more videos!

And as they have done well with their blocking, you cannot use a proxy to watch their videos! As in the case of a viewing of one of their videos via a proxy, the video gives error prohibited domain name, evidence that this is a blocking, and not only a simple IP blocks!


But as usual, I'll give you below the tip in order to circumvent their block and be able to view the content in your country!

  • Download and install SecurityKISS
  • Follow the instructions, nothing complicated, no need to register and it's free
  • Once installed, open the program
  • Go to the program Option
  • Click Change server
  • Click on the server where it is marked France and click Apply
  • Then click on Connect
  • Once the program has connected, go to the website of Canal + and watch the video which was blocked!


french VPN


And voila! Your video is released and as long as you will be connected with SecurityKISS, see media in your country without worries!


SecurityKISS is a VPN free, in English but easy to use, available in Windows XP, Vista, Seven 32 and 64-bit, Linux and Mac!

The use of the software is limited to 300 mb per day. In short, what watch a good video about half an hour.


Edit 12/02/2013: Error message "prohibited domain name"
More people have, it seems, this error message when trying to watch a video on Canal Plus, despite the fact that there are in France.

Not being in France, I find it so difficult to reproduce this error and so of knowing all the causes, but here already a few tracks:

  • One of the causes that gives this error, it is the use of proxy! If you use one, disable it.
  • If you use Internet Explorer, click on the 'Internet Options' (top right), toothed wheel, click on the 'Advanced' tab, in the list under "HTTP 1.1 settings", uncheck the "Use HTTP 1.1 with proxy". Click OK. This should be good.


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