Update applications Android only via Wifi!


Android applications can be updated in 2 ways: the automatic way and the manual way.

  • The automatic way is simple: as soon as Google detects an update of an application of Google Play Store (formerly the Android Market), it puts the application to update using either wifi or 3G.
  • The manual way, it is simply that it notifies you when he discovered an up-to-day, free to you to apply the update or not.


3G, it is well, but depending on the country, it can be very expensive couter, either have a volume of data limited and sometimes even the 2 at the same time! Moreover, some large applications to do update via wifi so you avoid ruining you in data 3G!

To save the data on 3 G, so use the below trick that will allow you to update all your applications exclusively via wifi! Admit that it would be stupid to pay for a free update!


  • Switch Wifi on your Android smartphone, if it is not already selected
  • Go to your applications and open Play Store of Android
  • Once done, press “Options” to your phone (typically represented with 3-4 horizontal bars)
  • Choose “Settings

Android-play applications

  • Check the box “Update via Wifi only


And voila!

If you don’t know this menu from the Android Store Play, take the opportunity to also change the other options such as automatic update, notifications, etc…

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