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When you buy a new PC already installed, it is all beautiful, brand new with its protections glued plastic with lots of air bubbles…

When you start, you have the surprise does not see as fast as on the paper and you thought…

In a sense, this is normal because he must install the pre-installed Windows… but when the following startup, it is faster than the first time, but not much…

The cause? It is simply the constructors that have added you a result of demo software (that you generally have to pay after 30 days)! Not only these software are gas plants (they do a lot of stuff helpful and mostly unnecessary in intensive), but increasingly, they are limited! And I don't mean pubs, completely unnecessary toolbars, etc…

When it is y knows any computer, this is interesting limit. But when it is y knows a minimum, we know that there are usually (if not always) a better alternative to this software, whether free or paid!

For alternatives, I will speak in a future article.

Here, I would speak of how to clean a new computer in order to get rid of all those unnecessary software and large consumers of space and resources, what is slowing your computer freshly bought.

PC trash

To uninstall unnecessary programs:

  • You can do this manually: Start Menu-> Control Panel-> uninstall a program.
  • Or through the software and automatic method:
    • Download PC Decrapifier (in English)
    • Install it
    • Run it
    • When he asks "Is this a new PC", click on "Yes"
    • Click on "Create Restore Point" (allows you to go back in case of problems)
    • Select the programs you want to remove
    • And voila!

PC Decrapifier, although only in English, is compatible Windows XP, VISTA and SEVEN.

Here are the TOP 50 software that people desintallent on their new PC:

  1. MSN Toolbar
  2. Ask Toolbar
  3. Norton Online Backup
  4. Acer Registration
  5. Times Reader
  6. Activate Norton Online Backup
  7. PDF Complete
  8. eBay Worldwide
  9. Skype Toolbars
  10. HP Advisor
  11. Bing Bar
  12. Barnes & Noble Desktop Reader
  13. Easy Internet sign-up
  14. Dream Day Wedding Married in Manhattan
  15. Amazon Links
  16. Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools
  17. Smileyville FREE
  18. Piggly FREE
  19. Best Buy Software install
  20. America Online (Choose which version to remove)
  21. Game Park Console
  22. Hello
  23. Norton Internet Security 2005 (Symantec Corporation)
  24. Governor of Poker
  26. Hotel Dash Suite Success
  27. Poker Pop
  28. Luxor 3
  29. Jewel Quest 3
  30. World of Goo (remove only)
  31. McAfee Virus and Spyware Protection Service
  32. Game Park Console
  33. Bookworm Deluxe
  34. HP ProtectTools Security Manager
  35. Plants vs. zombies
  36. Cooking Dash (remove only)
  37. Mahjongg Dimensions
  38. Norton Internet Security (Symantec Corporation)
  39. File Sanitizer For HP ProtectTools
  40. HP Setup
  41. Corel Home Office 5.0.56
  42. AOL You've Got Pictures Screensaver
  43. newsXpresso
  44. Message Center more
  45. eBay
  46. BLIO
  47. AOL Connectivity Services
  48. Trend Micro Client/Server Security Agent
  49. Chicken Invaders 3
  50. LiveUpdate (Symantec Corporation)


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