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A graphic tablet, not to be confused with a touch tablet, have a very different utility: the graphics tablet is a tool for designers and graphic designers, while the touch pad is basically a giant Smartphone. Imagine a little… erase strokes without damaging your sheet or leave any traces… Copy […]

Review/test + contest: Peritab graphic tablet-502

If there's one thing particularly infuriating about online games, it's lags! What is a lag (or latency)? It's basically, the event that happens when you have a lag of several seconds in your game: for example, you launch an attack, but it does not leave, you can still move, but […]

Tip: How to reduce the lag of an online game?

After getting lost several times because I had forgotten my CAR GPS, I told myself that it would still be time to buy one on my smartphone. And who says GPS, says car support that goes with, because driving without support while looking at the GPS, long live security …. […]

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Steganography, you know? No, here's a definition from Wikipedia: Steganography is the art of concealment: its purpose is to convey a message unnoticed in another message. It differs from cryptography, the "art of secrecy," which seeks to make a message unintelligible to anyone other than who-of-right. To take a metaphor, […]

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I do not know you but what myself, my smartphone battery is still at the edge of let go me late in the day (or even end aprem'), despite a daily recharge overnight. and inevitably, it is also at this time that there are absolutely need to use it! So […]

Review / Test: charger Veho Peeble Smartstick

  In Windows, you can easily hide or protect a file or folder from deletion or other change: A simple right-click, followed by a left click on Properties, then check Hidden to hide it or Play it alone to protect it. If you don't want a folder or file to […]

How to protect a password folder without software