Review / Test: charger Veho Peeble Smartstick


I do not know you but what myself, my smartphone battery is still at the edge of let go me late in the day (or even end aprem'), despite a daily recharge overnight. and inevitably, it is also at this time that there are absolutely need to use it!

So to avoid having to talk to people IRL when he let go of me and be deprived of my phone (it will not head not?), or worse read magazines contaminated rooms of expectations that private of my expensive apps because, when I had the opportunity to test the VEHO Peeble smartstick emergency charger, I didn't hesitate for a second.

It is in a fairly compact package that contains everything necessary for practical use:

Kit contents

√ the charger, whose appearance is metallic and seems solid, which is available in different colors:

  • rose
  • Violet
  • money
  • black.

Its dimensions are 22 mm x 86mm, a weight of 70g. Absolutely not disturbing in a pocket for these gentlemen, even less for us in our bags ladies!

√ a small sock of protection for the loader, good practice to avoid scratching at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately nothing to carry bits or the cable, but it remains a minor flaw.

Five tips for different types of phones:

  • Mini-USB
  • Micro-USB,
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Nokia
  • Apple (iPhone also compatible if used with your Lightning cable 5)

As you can see, it is compatible with all phones, including well obviously the new Samsung Galaxy S5.


√ a connection cable USB convertor supplied tips.


√ a manual use mini (not very detailed but sufficient)

Battery performance:


The battery capacity is 2200 mAh, so it can theoretically fully charge some smartphones. Personally, in recharging my Note 2 Galaxy, I went from 12% to 76% in 60 minutes, while using my phone at the same time. I noticed that 10 minutes was sufficient when connected to win fairly quickly 10-15% of battery, which is already well enough save us the day when you need to pass an urgent appeal. In fact it seemed to me that my phone was in charge as quickly with emergency only with the regular charger charger.
The smartstick Peeble recharges either to the usb port of your computer, or on the charger to your phone or car charger, to choose from, perfect for having always loaded on hand!

Support, it displays a blue light when the load is complete, red when it is incomplete.
Red support

By against no light when it is connected to the phone (apart from the battery icon of the phone that reports it support obviously). It heats a little when charging the phone, but nothing to worry about, it is expected.


I am conquered, he never left my bag anytime soon, and I highly recommend it to those who would be tempted! This product is well worth the € 20.99 it costs ;)


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