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Blink (1) mk2… Weird name, no? Blink means flashing in french, ok, but (1) followed by mk2, I don't know what this refers… But short, in reality the blink (1) mk2? It is a USB key! A USB storage not, but flashing, as its name suggests so in English. Therefore, […]

Review / Test: USB blink (1) mk2 (notification LED)

Having a background of music is always pleasant, it soothes and helps the concentration (or distraction according to music). This is why I always use my iPod to put music, my only problem is that I don't really like to put headphones, I believe that music should be shared (except […]

Review / Test: Olixar Wireless Speaker

Laptops, due to their compact format, do not allow to be easily editable at the level of the internal components (hardware), unlike desktops. This is mainly due to the fact of miniaturization and welds. But fortunately, you have still a few components that you can easily change and without too […]

Review / Test: Silverstone ECW01 Wifi + Bluetooth

Summer is approaching to leap! And alas, we must pay attention to some of our machines that have a risk of overheating, as for example our desktops! And who said overheating, heat, fan noise, instability, reduction of the lifetime of the components, but also slowdowns of your computer and cuts! […]

Review / Test: Silverstone Argon AR05

With smartphones, it often runs out of battery because its main use is no longer always call, and some applications are known as energy-intensive, such as the GPS or the games in HD. And how many times that no us happens not to say during a call: "I'll have to […]

Review / Test: Olixar portable safety load

And here I am again this time the test headphones for player/gamer! Sector of gaming headsets are mostly occupied by Wired headsets (and I would say: like any peripheral player, it is usually wired). Then of course, wired headsets have their advantages, but because of the presence of the wire, […]

Review / Test: HUHD HW – 398 M