Review / Test: USB blink (1) mk2 (notification LED)


Blink (1) mk2… Weird name, no? Blink means flashing in french, ok, but (1) followed by mk2, I don’t know what this refers… But short, in reality the blink (1) mk2? It is a USB key! A USB storage not, but flashing, as its name suggests so in English. Therefore, a USB LED light notification. domadoo Thanks to our partner Domadoo, specialist in the sale of home automation products (automation of a house), we have the chance to test the blink (1) mk2 who has even been the subject of crowfunding on Kickstarter! blink-mk2

The characteristics

  • Small dimensions: 3.5 mm x 1.5 mm x 0.9 mm
  • USB
  • 2 LEDs
  • 3 types of editable information: color, brightness and pattern (flashing fast, slow, etc…)
  • Compatible IFTTT, Jeedom and others
  • Compatible hardware (cpu, hdd, gpu, etc.)
  • Compatible email IMAP, POP, GMAIL
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Chromebooks, FreeBSD, Beaglebone, and more
  • No driver
N.B.: the room of 2 euros is not provided with the blink (1) mk2! ^^

The test

Therefore the blink is a usb key that notifies you… but notifies what? Well the answer is both simple and complex… Basically, it has the capacity of virtually everything notify you! Whether it’s email, a new status of Facebook, a new tweet, remember an alarm, status of your computer or server, etc… Its installation is simple, just download the blink control software and install it. Your blink that you plug into your USB port and it’s ready. You’ve to define the rules. The Blink (1) mk2 is composed of 2 multicolored leds (one on each side) that light up according to your desires:

  • You want to be notified blue flashing light when you receive an email? No problem!
  • You want to be notified in white flashing light when the weather is bad in your city? No problem!
  • You want that the blink continually color changes when there is a new Facebook status? No problem!
  • Want to be notified when your processor for your laptop has an activity of more than 90%? Problem…

Theoretically, blink should be able to notify you of info about your hardware including your battery, your processor (CPU) and your memory (RAM). Oddly, the control software blink, when creating a new rule for the hardware, allows you to choose between activity and an alert (which must be encrypted). blink-hardware-notify The activity… UH… well except for the battery, the other 2 are continually active! Otherwise, the computer is off and the blink is useless! You can disable the activity, but in this case, the alert value cannot be changed… Bug? You want to be alerted when your battery drops below 50%? It is possible, but be careful your pattern (a kind of recipe for your LEDs). For example, if you take the 1 available pattern by default, your blink will flash red 3 times and thats all. Until the next refresh (data refresh times are 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 min), you won’t have any Visual sign that your battery is down below 50%! But if you add one of your recipes, your blink can Flash to infinity! At home, it detects well the battery and RAM, but not the processor (Internal error). Connection of the ‘recipes’ or rather the notification scheme, it is more than complete! Thanks to the 2 leds, you have 3 possibilities: 2 leds lit at the same time, only the top led on or still only the lower led lights up! In addition, you can choose to color for each led. And of course, you can put the 3 options in a single recipe! For example, suppose you have a connected alarm (home automation). You have linked your blink (1) mk2 via IFTTT and the alarm. You have decided to place a clearly visible light pattern: when your alarm turns on: flashing in red of the 2 leds, followed of the upper blue led alternating and the lower red led such a beacon! Well there really no problem! You can even change the duration between 2 flashes! You have virtually thousands or even millions of possibilities! I see only limit is your imagination! And despite the fact that the USB is opaque white in off, the leds are so powerful and bright that there is no problem of visibility when they are active, even in broad daylight! Blink1 mk2 mode Green Lantern in broad daylight. So, you already have an incredible number of opportunities to be notified, but that’s not all! The basis of the blink control software allows you to base to create rules to be notified of new emails and according to the status of your material (battery, cpu and ram), but there also a part IFTTT and part “Tools” (Tools). The tools is more targeted at developers or third-party software wishing to release with the blink (scripts, files, links, ect…). I find that anything that the part mails, hardware and tools, it’s not bad! But when we know that it may be related to IFTTT, it’s just amazing! IFTTT, real name “IF This, Then That”, which means if “this… then this… “, is a site that as its slogan says, allows for Internet to work for you! :-D He has several million users, and is a kind of Wizard to automate your tasks between different Web services, mobile applications, or even objects!

  • Let’s say you have a Twitter account and a Facebook account: IFTTT, with no need to insert the same message on the 2 sites, one will suffice!
  • A new photo is published on Facebook and you want to save it directly? It’s done!
  • Automatically send an sms to your husband/wife/partner when you arrive in your home? Automatically!
  • You missed a call? Send him an email automatically!
  • You’ve seen a site that publishes daily beautiful photos and you would like to have them on your smartphone in the background? No problem!
  • Be notified when your packet ordered on internet changes status? No worries!


In short, the blink (1) mk 2 all alone is already not bad, but coupled with IFTTT (and other compatible applications!), it’s just excellent! How to be notified luminously possibilities are immense, and the potential use of IFTTT are also huge, then the 2 related… Small and discreet in being extinguished, the Blink USB dongle (1) mk2 will be undoubtedly noticed when it will get to market thanks to its powerful led and the almost infinite ability to choose how to be notified and what about! Oh and it is even possible to use several at once given that each blink in its serial number. In addition, the blink is supplied with a USB extension cable design (sort of transparent cable with aluminium wire sheathing) of 6 feet (1 m 82 and a few). 6 feets-cable-usb All this for a ridiculous price in the light of its functions and capabilities present and future! Only very) small flat, to the level of the hardware that should be more evolved (recognition, temperature, etc…).   Product link: test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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