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With Windows 10, this is a new version of the Windows Update service, so everything concerning the update of Microsoft products, which appeared with 2 big changes: Impossible to choose updates to install The function P2P (Peer-to-peer, technology mostly used in the areas of downloads like uTorrent)   In order […]

Windows 10: How to save bandwidth

Once is not custom, here is the test of a machine's cleaning by ultrasonic baths!   An ultrasonic bath, what's that? Specifically, a ultrasonic bath is a bath of liquid (usually water) subject to high frequencies of ultrasound. These high-frequency ultrasonic raise a phenomenal amount of mini-bubbles of air in […]

Test / Review: Excelvan cleaner by ultrasonic baths

I had spoken to you some time of 2 atmospheres speakers ago illuminated water jets. Here is now a surround speaker test, but this time, rather than either water jets who dance for you, it will be the LED lights! ^^ This is the FAC BQ-615 PRO Excelvan! Features Cylindrical […]

Test / Review: Chamber atmosphere with Excelvan FAC BQ – ...

With Windows 10 appeared a new browser, replacing Internet Explorer: Microsoft Edge. If for a reason any (you don't like, bugs, etc… ), you want to see the old Internet Explorer instead of Edge on Windows 10, know that it is always present! So you don't just need to install […]

Windows 10: How to use Internet Explorer without installing it ...

Classically, I want to say that at the level of the headphone, is there nothing again for quite some time… They are certainly become wireless through bluetooth, but otherwise, nothing really new under the hood. Even so-called high quality as the Beats headsets are apparently nothing new because apparently they […]

Test / Review: audio headset / hands-free kit Bluetooth Digicare ...