Windows 10: How to save bandwidth

Windows-10-green With Windows 10, this is a new version of the Windows Update service, so everything concerning the update of Microsoft products, which appeared with 2 big changes:

  • Impossible to choose updates to install
  • The function P2P (Peer-to-peer, technology mostly used in the areas of downloads like uTorrent)

  In order to manage your own updates to install, I invite you to read my other article: block the automatic updates of Windows 10 about the P2P function, it is present to make you gain speed, but the reality is quite different :

  • Before Windows 10: Microsoft sends updates to the billions of computers under Windows => cost extremely expensive
  • With Windows 10: Microsoft sends updates to thousands of computers under Windows, and it is these computers that send to other computers updates, etc… => cost virtually zero

  Ironically, Microsoft has not shared Windows 10 on P2P networks during its release and had purchased from 40TB/s bandwidths! (Therefore bandwidth capable of sending 40 hard drives of 1 terra data in 1 seconds-filled!) And mine nothing, bandwidth, ca is expensive! ) Moreover, because of its policy of espionage, Windows 10 begins to be banned on sharing sites, fearing mainly that their consumers are marked as "pirate". You should also remember that the benefit of the P2P function with the update is pretty minimal in this case: when you download a film, usually you want to see directly. When a Windows Update is available, you don't care generally. When it was available every 2nd Tuesday of the month (already, I'm not sure Mr. and Mrs. everybody knew), you click not every minutes on "Find updates". In addition, there is not necessarily want to share our bandwidth, in some countries, even European band, the bandwidth is limited by a quota and is quite expensive!  

Save bandwidth under Windows 10


  1. Go to settings
  2. Update and security
  3. Windows Update
  4. Click on Advanced Options Windows-update-p2p
  5. Click on the mode of distribution of update Windows-update-p2p-installation
  6. Click disabled Mise-a-jour-Windows-10-P2P

  And voila, you send more data update to other computers, this will save bandwidth, but as your bandwidth is no longer used for sharing update, your internet connection wins also the speed!

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