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Everyone knows the famous brand GoPro and his cameras high definition to film and take pictures of all your crazy adventures! But what is it's expensive! Here's an alternative to the Gopro for less than 50 euros: the Action Cam Y8 three – color!   Characteristics of the Action Cam […]

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The soundtrack is an integral part both for movies and series. Just to hear the first few seconds to know what film or series to say it is! Star Wars wouldn't be Star Wars without this famous soundtrack recognizable anywhere! Same thing for example for Friends, X-Files, Walking Dead, The […]

Or find the music for films and series (by episodes)

I was pretty satisfied with my first external battery until one day, I find myself with an awful dilemma: two smartphones to load at the same time :((one possible cable and a low capacity, it was not going to do so, the characteristics of the Power Bank Mini Xoopar Squid […]

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Cortana is a virtual assistant that has been implanted on Windows 10 to do like Siri on iOS or Google Now on Android. Basically, it's like a secretary… sometimes struggling to understand you… and above all very intrusive in private life! For comparison, I want to say that Cortana is […]

Windows 10: How to disable Cortana completely

The video projectors, it is ideal to watch a good movie mode Cinéma chez soi, but they unfortunately many problems, among others: their fan noise their size their price Not to mention other problems that may be encountered: unreadable files, projector generally in wireframe, etc… You will understand, I did […]

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After a rough day it is necessary to rest and to get there we are likely to use tablets, smartphone, Walkman mp3, etc… But it's always when it should not be that our devices are unloaded. Nothing more irritating, it starts to look after the charging cable, then when it […]

Review / Test: liquid Allocacoc

It finally turns we found water on Mars (Finally! Since the time we talk about and that there are suspicions!) ! That is fine, but there is another planet, which is actually a star, just as interesting, and we are far from having been able to reap the benefits: the […]

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