Test / Review: Atongm D9, picoprojecteur DLP Android to 1200 lumens 2

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 The video projectors, it is ideal to watch a good movie mode Cinéma chez soi, but they unfortunately many problems, among others:

  • their fan noise
  • their size
  • their price

Not to mention other problems that may be encountered: unreadable files, projector generally in wireframe, etc… You will understand, I did the test of a projector which should, in principle, say byebye to all these problems, or almost.   This famous (or not, we shall see subsequently) projector is Atongm D9. atongm-d9-android  

Features of the projector Atongm D9

  (Subject to change, see the lowest test)

  • Picovideoprojecteur, so compact
  • Dlp technology
  • 3 LEDs with minimum life expectancy: 30 000 h
  • Brightness: 1200 lumens
  • Battery Li – Integrated Po, 3000 mAh
  • Operating system Android integrated (4.2.2)
  • WiFi integrated
  • Integrated touchpad
  • Reset button
  • Supports DLNA and Miracast technology
  • ARM Cortex A9 1 GHz processor
  • 1 Gb of Ram
  • Internal memory: 8 Gb (expandable with a 32 Gb microSD card)
  • Contrast: 1000/1
  • Resolutions: max 1920 * 1080
  • Size of the projected images: 16 to 150 inches / / 40.64 cm to 3.81 m
  • Ports: AV, HDMI, VGA, microSD, USB, mini-USB (OTG)
  • Jack 2.5 (with adapter 3.5)
  • Consumption: 18W
  • Size: 14, 2 * 7, 5 * 2, 5 cm
  • Weight: 230 gr


The test of the D9 Atongm

all-in-one-android-projector In view of the characteristics, there is not to say that salivating! Comparison, the TS-40 projector, which is about 2 – 3 times bigger is not better, whether in terms of brightness (800 vs 1200), in terms of entry ports, consumer, files, etc… In any case, on paper. Doing research on the D9 on the net, would notice quickly enough that there are either different versions with the same name, or errors in features that are spread by copying and pasting without verification (or a scam)… Among the features that generally do not match, we have:

  • 1200 lumens vs 100 lumens
  • DualCore vs QuadCore
  • 3000mAh vs 1300 mAh

  1200 or 100 lumens? Well Yes, strangely, we can find the 2 values of brightness on various online sites, for the same device, and the difference is huge! Different devices but same name? Error? Scam? Unfortunately, having not found official site for the D9 Atongm, the only way to find out, is to test and measure the camera in hand! Fortunately, I was able to test the TS-40 which is (theoretically) to 800 Lumens. It is similarly easy to compare a difference of + 50% (1200 lumens) to a difference of-87 ~ 88% (100 lumens)! Result of the races? Personally, as surprising as it may be it is closer to the 1200 lumens than 100 lumens (considering that that the TS-40 is at 800 lumens)! Measureatongm-screend with the sensor of my Galaxy S3, the measured brightness is more than 2000 Lux at a few cm of the output of the light beams (and not Lumens! The unit is different). Unfortunately, it is very difficult to measure the Lumen without suitable equipment, or integrating spheres (and again, ca for bulb, I do not know if it exists for projector) very expensive cost. It is theoretically possible to convert the Lux in Lumens, but for this, it is necessary to know some surfaces, but unfortunately these data me are unknown…   It's still better than the Samsung Beam, who did a big flop, smartphone which had a built-in projector and him to 15 lumens! (But as a smartphone, it still had the advantage of having a screen, to be able to call and gps.)   Back to the light, the projection is quite visible in daylight without problem. Only black color seems problematic. The brightness can be adjusted in the options.   The projection behaves like a screen on Android, it can sleep if is not used and you also have the button ON / OFF which can serve as an extinction of the projection by dragging. What is ideal for the economy of the battery if not using the projector for a few moments.   For the DualCore vs QuadCore processor is supposed to be the ARM Cortex A9 that can go up to 4 cores ranging up to 2 GHz, but in Atongm D9, the truth is that manufacturers have decided to limit to 2 cores at 1 GHz (in any case, according to the Phone Tester application.) Also note that it has detected 2 cameras 2 MP each… ^ ^). But in a sense, cares a little the number of cores, either 2 or 4 does not mean that one will be more powerful than the other, it depends on other factors. Android-Telechips-D9-projector-armv7-m805-893   3000mAh or 1300mAh? Well, I disassembled the unit to see if there was something marked: it is marked 7, 4V 13 Wh, so converted by calculation, this gives us 1756,756757 mAh if I am not mistaken me, and therefore of 1700mAh, almost 1800mAh! So not the 3000 or the 1300… battery-d9-projector-atongm In the light of the battery in case of problems, it will unfortunately not easy to replace.   At the level of connectivity, you have a 2.5 (with adapter 3.5 mm supplied) audio JACK port, a USB OTG port-USB Host port (but I have failed to make it work, it does surprise me that he was blocked because is used primarily for developers and the root mode has not been activated either), an AV port (with AV – VGA cable) an incoming HDMI port and a micro-SD card reader. In short, fairly well supplied without forgetting that there are wifi, DLNA and Miracast for streaming. Manual-atongm-D9-quick-guide-Starter   For the HDMI, I had a pretty bad surprise when unpacking: Although natively marked as supporting HDMI, stickers have been added subsequently on the box to hide the HDMI, even on the device, a kind quality checked sticker was placed on the word HDMI… as well as the CF and RoHS, but not the… Because they were broken sex to stick labels on any mention of HDMI, as well as to even out the pictures, we can expect the worst about this feature! Physically, at the level of the device, the HDMI port is present. And during the test, the HDMI is fully functional! A fright for nothing… I see only 2 possibilities of explanations for this: either they had a compatibility issue to make it work with all appliances (although I doubt it, but not knowing the bottom HDMI, I do not exclude this hypothesis), or they had a legal problem concerning the HDMI… I lean on this 2nd option, because Android devices with a HDMI INPUT port, so entering, are very rare (indeed, even the Pc with a HDMI input port are rare – I don't have never heard-). Although the technology exists for a machine Android as proves it the D9 Atongm… And after some it would seem indeed that those who manages the rights to the HDMI would strongly limit the HDMI inbound and allow mainly on TVs… And it is true that if we look well, cameras that have a HDMI port incoming, except TVs, are rare. There are some box Android, which is also a port entering the HDMI, but this remains very rare and in addition, they do not directly show what is sent, they send to the TV to which they are connected, kinda like a extension with a swtich ON / OFF… Atongm has apparently no website, I unfortunately could not contact them.   At the level of the commands and buttons, you have a button ON / OFF to drag a button Volume – and Volume +, a pleasant to use and very sensitive touchpad, a SELECT (equivalent to a left click) button and a button BACK (back) and a wheel for the development. A loudspeaker is present and it is powerful enough and gives a clear sound. A led is lit red when the device is charging and blue when the unit is turned on. No notification when the battery is full, the Red led turns off everything simply.  


  Although the unit itself is in plastic full, he looks very solid. The lens is not properly protected, but it is located at about 1 cm inside the housing, which should protect it from scratches and other concerns. The Visual quality is equivalent to the headlamps located at the projectors by means of range, from my point of view. Only black color seems to be problematic, it is so to speak virtually not reproduced. In the dark, this poses no problem, but in daylight, the distinction will be very difficult. (But hey, a projection is theoretically still in at least a half-light) Despite its compact size and its very good visual rendering, Atongm D9 is categorized as silent! It's barely more than a laptop fan noise! The battery has enough to hold approximately 2 to 3 hours, enough for a good movie, or even 2! In addition, it can serve as charger for smartphone or tablet or another USB device. Small negative point at the level of connectivity: I find it unfortunate to not have integrated Bluetooth. This could facilitate, for example, the use of a keyboard or other device as a headset. Fortunately, the presence of a USB port allows to Add Bluetooth, but then in that case there, we find ourselves fast enough limited in terms of port. Another negative point, the charging level: Atongm D9 uses the mains in DC jack (a bit roughly as laptops) to charge the battery (it takes 12V 2A), which means that unless you have a mains socket in the corner, you cannot recharge it. And so impossible to recharge the picoprojecteur with an external battery with USB for example. Which is a pity, because although is very portable (can fit in a jeans pocket or bag to hands, it is barely larger than a smartphone of 4.8 inches – Galaxy – S3, with a thickness of 2.5 cm), being not able to reload it into USB makes it finally less portable because usable 2-3 h in zone without outlet (not to mention the adapter to be lugging). There just the same portable 12V batteries, but this is quite rare compared to 5V.   All in all: size, weight, Android, quality of projection, battery, connectivity and silence make this mini or picoprojecteur excellent for semi-nomadic or even mobile use but for a few hours use, either in private or in semi-pro!   Edit: Point negative with the battery: it empties itself when not in use!   Link: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00XRAXARK/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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2 thoughts on “Test / Review: Atongm D9, picoprojecteur DLP Android to 1200 lumens

  • Avatar of Alex Rollo
    Alex Rollo

    Thank you for your review, although a bit hard to understand your translation into English, but that is not a criticism, I wish I was able to convert English into another language as good as you have done with yours.

    Just one wee point that I discovered, you mentioned about the USB port not being active, but I found that I could plug in my USB keyboard and mouse and it works perfectly – a HUGE benefit over the trackpad. Also a USB memory stick with movies on it, worked fine too.

    As far as the HDMI port goes, I bought an Apple HDMI cable to run from my iPad to the D9. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, the graphics are terrible, so bad that the text information is completely unreadable, so viewing my iPad movies on my living-room wall is a complete waste of time.

    I bought mine from Gearbest and when I contacted them about the HDMI problem, and asked if there was any firmware updates which might sort this problem, they told me there was no updates that they knew of and offered me $15 compensation in the form of vouchers to be used in their shop. I declined their offer. But it would indicate that they know there is a problem with it.

    I’ve also found that the streaming of video from either the internet or from my Seagate wireless drive, is very glitchy, the D9 doesn’t seem to have very good buffering capabilities, as the video pauses every few seconds, sometimes it catches up and runs smooth for a little while, but then it freezes and it is often a few seconds before it starts again.

    My battery life is about 15 mins, maybe I have a faulty one, but that’s about as much as I can get on a full charge.

    Anyway, thanks again for your report, I hope it helps others make a decision about purchasing this item.

  • Avatar of Pandoon
    Pandoon Post author

    Thank you for your opinion!

    For the streaming, perhaps it is a problem with the wireless.

    And i think you have a problem with the battery, 15min is too low. Don’t forget to output any peripheral when not use. The peripheral will drop down you battery life (charging) I didn’t remerber the data, but with the the bluetooth, wifi, a peripheral and screen at good quality, i got a coorect battery life.