Android: How to remove the automatic addition of newly installed apps icon?

Android-Bugdroidman Android, when you install a new application via the Google Play Store, a shortcut icon is added to the reception of your smartphone or tablet, such as under Windows. Except that on Windows, you can in half of the cases, choose whether or not you agree in implementing the shortcut on your desktop during the installation. Android, you don't have control of anything (which is also too bad), but you must have a parameter that defines whether or not you accept placement of shortcuts in a way general, in short, it's all or nothing!   To remove the auto-add, it's pretty simple:

  1. Go to your Google Play this Store application on your smartphone or Android Tablet Google-play-store
  2. Press the 3 horizontal bars (image meaning generally 'Menu') menu-google-play-store
  3. Tap "Settings" settings-google-play-store
  4. And uncheck "Add icon to the home screen" Add-icon-google-play-store

  There you go! You will have more no icon that will add to your home screen that you had customized with so much love! ;-)   Beware that some applications don't care royally preferences: they add a shortcut to the application on your smartphone screen 1 launching the app, just to be sure pollute you your home screen!

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