Android: How to disable the establishment of each new application installation shortcuts

If like me, you’re the kind to test new applications from the Play by Google on Android Market, you also probably also noted that a new shortcut / widget installed on your “desktop” or home page to each new installation of applications… (With this new operating system, I never know exactly how to name things… Click a button or support? lol desktop, window or home page…? ) Good, in this case, let’s say on your screen! : p

And if you’re the type to have your office in good condition, tidy it well quickly becomes irritating to repeatedly remove the new icons!

What you need to know, is that this is not even the applications that install this new icon, as with the PC! It is actually the Google Android Store Play!

Fortunately, it is simple enough to no longer be pissed off by this implementation of the new application icons:

  • Go to your applications and open Play Store of Android
  • Once done, press “Options” to your phone (typically represented with 3-4 horizontal bars) choose “Settings”


  • Uncheck the “Automatically add widgets”



And now’re you quiet!

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