Review / Test: button Jack Klickie for Android

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 In our smartphones, there is a place that is dirty especially fast (except the screen), and it is the jack 3.5 mm, used for headphones! A gaping hole for dust that engrouffrent! There are small accessories that can avoid this, they are kind of small key chain… Then Yes, why not, attach the useful to the design… But rather than attaching the useful to the design, why not join the useful to the pleasant while keeping the design, replacing the key holder with a functional button?! And that's what the Jack Klickie button on the paper offers! But does he keep his promises? The Jack Klickie button is:

  • Button aluminum
  • A discreet design
  • 4 intelligent shortcuts
  • Customizable

klickie The principle is simple:

  • You download the iKey on the Play Google app:

(Do not worry about the images and description you see, it will be installed in English on your smartphone)

  • You plug the jack audio 3.5 mm smartphone port button, it will ask you what you have connected:
    • Headset (headset)
    • iKey (button)

Allowing you to have no problem with your headphones and switch from one to the other without worry.   So, as I told you, the application allows you to program 4 functions:

  • Just click /appui
  • Double click /appui
  • Triple click /appui
  • Long press

With shortcuts preprogrammed as:

  • Take a picture
  • Save an audio conversation
  • Record a video
  • Lamp
  • Clean memory
  • Start menu
  • Menu home
  • Call
  • Sending SMS

Or even launch an application of your choice that is installed in your Android smartphone.   That's what it said on paper. The reality? The concept is excellent, plug a gaping hole and add new function with a single button, it is a great idea! But… Well Yes, because there is a 'but', it is simply that the iKey is not properly doing his job! 2 big faults that make tasks and which make the iKey disappoints tremendously:

  • 1 default, it is the click support function: 1 of 3, single-click is as one of your buttons for volume control sound in addition to give you the shortcut (or in some cases, not even…), which is quite annoying because disrupts your sound profiles! That is one thing, but in addition, there is no time setting / speed for double click as in Windows, what makes that you have simply struggled to perform a double support because the iKey will consider your 2 supports 2 simple support instead of a double! Then I don't even talk about not trying the triple… Not to mention that when double and triple click, the disruption of sound profiles is still present…
  • The 2nd flaw is shortcuts: half of the pre-programmed shortcuts doesn't work at home, and Ditto for custom applications!



Very disappointed with this accessory even though the idea was excellent! 2 large defects which are unfortunately part of the main functions spoil everything. Still glad the "filler" function does not change as well as its design! After that, it is quite possible that the recognition of shortcuts does not cause I have a CyanogenMod rom, but something tells me that this is not the case… Product link: test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2  

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