Windows 10: how to recover free space after W7/W8 to W10?

clean windows10 Switching from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 is not a goal: you have 31 days to reverse if you wish! This freedom of choice has of course a certain price: deadline and free hard disk space less! But hey, for those who planned the hard knocks, they probably performed a full backup of their computer under W7 or 8 on another hard drive. Which makes it no matter what happens to W10, no worries, we can go back! And probably even redo the update years later without having to pay a new license! (Theoretically, Microsoft already knows the license of your W7 or 8 as well as your computer, and therefore should allow the reinstall because the number of reinstall W10 after the first pass under this OS is infinite if my information is correct!)   So for those who have a full backup and/or who are on to want to stay on Windows 10, it may be worth emptying all the system files from previous versions of Windows! And mine is not a lot of space! In my case, it's easy 20 Gigas of free space in addition! This is equivalent to almost 10% of my SSD's space!   To empty old files, it's pretty simple, this method already existed for older versions of Windows, whether it be the move to a higher Windows or even during updates SP1, SP2, etc…  

Clean old files from previous versions of Windows

  • Go to your Windows Explorer
  • Right click on your hard drive
  • Properties
  • Disk CleanupDisk Cleanup
  • Clean up system filesclean up system files
  • Check previous installations of Windows, and Windows temporary Setup filesW10 previous facilities windows temporary file
  • Click Ok.

  Home, by removing these 2 types of files, I gained about 20 gigabytes. To replace by a good small video library! : Pei  

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