Tip: how to keep getting Windows XP updates


Since April 8, 2014, Microsoft has discontinued Windows XP updates because it cost them an arm and this version of the operating system has been around for over 10 years! ( Basically, the end of the updates should have been interrupted much earlier, but given the popularity of Windows XP, they continued until April 8, 2014) Who says no update, says security flaw and bug (old as new) not fixed! Which is a very big problem! So how do you solve this problem and continue to receive updates for Windows XP?!   Currently, there is a trick that allows you to extend the life of your Windows XP by exceeding the blockage and still benefit from updates! This trick is based on the fact that there is still a version of Windows XP, the Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 version which is actually a version used in business. Due to the fact that this one came out later, so this one benefits from updates until 2019!  

The Tip: Extend XP Updates


  • Click on the Start menu
  • to execute
  • Type Regedit
  • In the registry window, search hKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE, SYSTEM, select the WPA folder
  • Click on the Menu Edition, New, Key
  • Change the name of the new key to PosReady
  • Select PosReady, redo Edition, New, but this time, DWORD key
  • Name the Installed, then double-click on it
  • Highlight, put the number 1 and select Hexadecimal
  • Click OK, and restart your PC

  And lo and behold, your Windows XP should continue to receive updates! I would still like to point out that this tip is to be used with caution because not all updates are necessarily compatible with the original Windows XP, although in this case, theoretically, they should not install. Microsoft is aware of this trick and has announced not to block it, but advises against it.

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