Review: Rhinoshield Crashguard NX for Apple Watch


I recently fell for an Apple Watch. And my first concern before I carried her was how to protect her. Although I searched online, everything I read about screen protection was pretty negative. And I was about to get discouraged (and not dare to put it xD) when I discovered this category of protection at Rhinoshield. I was already very happy with the protective shells for my phone. So I told myself that if it was the same quality, it should be good …

crashguard nx rhinoshield red red white

The test

The big positive is that they are in several interchangeable parts. The hull itself and the inside edge. This makes it possible to make more than 70 color combinations (7 colors of frames, 11 borders), and they are compatible with the official Apple Watch bracelets (as well as the unofficial ones I’ve tested so far). When buying, you get two borders: one of the same color as the frame and another of your choice.

rhinoshield red border

They are also, without BPA or phthalates for people who pay attention, it is never negligible.

Let’s get to the bottom of it, protection! It complies with the U.S. MIL-STD 810G fall test standard, and consists of ShockSpread material (brand-specific). Thus offering protection against falls up to 1.2m. If you ever plan to launch it eh… Xd

It was mainly its raised edges that interested me. For when I saw the condition of my poor Casio, I was sweating cold and wondering how long my screen would survive. Well with these edges, I have so far escaped all blows. The watch is resistant to everything. Of course don’t type in the middle of the screen but the edges help to avoid this. No claw possible on the chassis as well.

black apple watch watch

Level look, as described above with all possible suits is always quite stylish. And with a thickness of 1.9mm for less than 4g, you can’t say that they weigh down the watch or that they make it lose its cachet!

Access to the buttons is not diminished at any time either, which was very important to me.

apple watch side view

As for the installation, it is done in 2 minutes, just remove the bracelet and slide the case into the frame and then clip the border, difficult to make simpler …

back apple watch
apple watch 1234567890

In short I am delighted and I think I will order even more colors quickly to go with all my bracelets :D



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