Review / Test: atmosphere illuminated water jet audio subwoofer

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Audio speakers are generally all of the same kind: such of the menhirs, they advocate proudly in a corner or side of a screen and you sing their song by their bodies fly eye… So, in order to change this, I got a pair of speakers of another kind! Much more malleable than granite, this dance or rather jumps, according to the music! Of course, it does not really jump at the sound of the music, it remains static as all the other speakers (although we see happen more and more pregnant Levitating, so I think that in the relatively near future, we could see some) pregnant actually jump to the sounds of the music! ), but inside his body, they are on the move! I present you the water dance Bluetooth speakers! These speakers have illuminated water jets that go up and down to the beat of your music!


  • 2 speakers at 3w
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Stereo sound
  • Power supply via USB
  • Fully-waterproof
  • Size: 220 x 60 x 60 mm


The test:

First thing is that on the box, it is marked nowhere that it is bluetooth enabled, even their schema does not indicate the bluetooth. water-speaker-dance But don't worry, these are well compatible bluetooth. And in fact, they are compatible with many present and future devices as the next Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE! Attention to lighting! Your ears (and your heart) are likely to take a hit if you're not notified: A female voice tells you very hard (and English) that your speakers are plugged and that bluetooth is turned on. It also tells you when the pairing is completed. It is advisable to pay attention. On the box, they tells you to put the volume of your device at least at the beginning… Thing that serve nothing in this case, because the female voice spoke as soon as the current is connected, or the volume of the speakers themselves is not adjustable! What you give a heart attack and go deaf from the 1st use so you don't expect not… In passing, no button of ignition / extinction. Then, ben… There is nothing to do except throw your music and enjoy! ^^ I find that the sound is quite clear and bluetooth pairing is done without problem. The 3.5 mm connection is of course no problem. Side seal, transparent plastic is still about 5mm thick, and the level of the liquid in the enclosure does not exceed the centimetre. Pumps work well, well that slightly too strong, you can hear the jets of water when water touches the upper wall. These pumps work according to the rhythm of the music and the volume. Side volume and height of water jets, is almost of all or nothing, in any case, with the audio tracks I tested: volume 11, almost nothing, volume 12, water jets are well strong. 4 (x 2) illuminated water jets are synchronized: they all have the same force to eject at the same time. For rhythm, so general, it is correct, but I don't know why, I find that there is a defect, but I couldn't tell because of what… Offset? Had settled water is not taken into account? Some audio peaks are not taken into account? Some tracks surely give a better rhythm to these jets, other, less well. The kinds of achieves that you hear in the video are not music, but jets of water that affect the top of the speaker. The illumination of the water jets is via 4 leds: red, blue, green, yellow. These are too strong hair and due to the reflection of the plastic, they can make you eyes.   Which I can blame these speakers: much too strong voice of departure, pumps slightly too strong water jet (or height of the too small speakers the perspective) because you can hear the water touch the top of the plastic of the speaker, not the height settings of the jets otherwise than via the volume, not desynchronization of the jets too strong lights, no intensity settings or color of lights flashes/changes. Despite all this, I find that it is all of good and beautiful pregnant, but without being excellent. It is primarily this lack of settings which annoys me (jets and lights)… These are just small stuff, but it is what makes these speakers are not in the top of the top for me, and it is a shame because I do not think that it is really complicated to do / add to… but they perform despite all the work properly for which they were designed. test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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