Cleaning your Mac in depth: How to do it?

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All good quality materialhase has a good longevity. And that says longevity, says dust. But who says more dust for any electronic device, says more chance of having problems. Yes, because when dust accumulates, it can block certain components, and/or decrease cooling. That's why it's important to maintain your electrical appliances regularly to avoid as many problems as possible! Macs are no exception!

And it's easy to do!

The physical cleansing of a Mac


For the physical cleaning inside a MacBook Pro, you need 2 tools:

  • A Phillips #00 screwdriver
  • A dry air bomb

Turn over your Mac and unscrew it. Be careful that you have 2 types of screws. The 3 orange areas in the image are the longest.

screw macbook pro back

Once unscrewed, gently lift the hood to the side where there are the 3 orange areas. You have 2 clips on the opposite side, normally the hood should open normally.

Once removed, set the hood aside. Blow the inside of your Mac with your dry air bomb in small pressures all over the whole. Also blow with small pressures on the fans but immobilize them by the hands.

Avoid the vacuum cleaner that could inadvertently suck up some mini components.

Put the hood back on and see it again.


To clean the exterior of a Mac, you need:

  • A wipe soaked in screen cleaner or a microfiber wipe
  • A vacuum cleaner or dry air bomb

Turn off your Mac.

The screen

To clean the screen, you have the choice: a wipe dedicated to screen cleaning (without alcohol) if you have large sneezing or other stains. Or you can use a microfiber cloth if you only have dust. Rub gently in circular motions.

The keyboard

For the keyboard, you can use the dry air bomb or vacuum cleaner depending on the pieces that are embedded in it.

You'll find various tool tests that can help you on Informatruc.

Cleaning a Mac's software

As with dust, software also leaves useless files to be abandoned in your iOS. Over time, these take up more and more space and can also slow down your Mac.

Delete apps you don't use

It's simple, and yet everyone does it: We download software, we use it and then we don't use it anymore and we leave it abandoned in the computer.

If it doesn't require another purchase or setting up a particular configuration, simply uninstall it.

Empty the trash

You throw your files in the trash every time you find a useless file? Excellent, but do you know that this file continues to take up space as long as it is present in the trash?

So think about emptying it! ;-)

Get disk space on Mac

To clear unnecessary files, you can also use a well-known program that will help you do the cleaning: Ccleaner

It's simple, free and effective!

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