Test/review: ILIFE V7s Plus standalone robot vacuum cleaner

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Cleaning the floor of your home without doing anything is quite possible with the self-contained vacuum robots. Many call these smart vacuum cleaners… Personally, I prefer to call them autonomous, because they are more autonomous (they can work alone), than intelligent (except in a few exceptions, the majority leaves dirty areas, some can stay stuck in cramped areas, Etc…). At the moment, I do not expect a self-contained and intelligent vacuum cleaner that knows how to clean a room at 100%, but more like a help to remove 90% of dust on a floor, whether on tile, parquet or carpet, when I'm not there. The noise, I do not care, I feel that its use is not done when I sleep, but rather when I am at work or outside and I do not have pets. After all, a vacuum cleaner remains a vacuum cleaner and the more powerful it is, the more it seems normal to make noise… In the last news, there are quite a few autonomous vacuum cleaners, but as I have never tested, I do not know whether it is really silent or not as well as if the aspiration is strong or not…   Having heard many good of the ilife vacuum robots, I thought I would test one, the ilife V7s more. screenshot_65

Features of the ILIFE V7s Plus

  • All Terrain Obstacle Detection system
  • Roller Brush
  • Operating Mode: Automatic, fixed point, edge
  • It can get out of a difficult situation on its own
  • Programming functions and parameterized working hours
  • Auto-Recharge, smart location: Cleaning stop location in memory to prevent repeated cleaning
  • 11 Smart sensors, anti-collision and anti-fall, 4 cliff detection sensors, 5 recharge sensors
  • High suction power, effective side brushes, cleaning time saving


ILIFE V7s Plus Specifications

  • User manual language: English, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese
  • Dust box Capacity: 0.3/PC
  • Water reservoir Capacity: 0, 3l (water) + 0, 06L (waste) (Integrated design)
  • Power: 22W
  • Voltage: 14, 4v
  • Working time: 110-120 minutes
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Battery capacity: 2600mAh (typical)/2500mAh (Rated)
  • Charging time: 200-350 minutes
  • Noise: Less than 68dB


The ILIFE V7S Plus standalone Vacuum cleaner test

Roughly, it looks like the majority of standalone robot vacuum cleaners: with a diameter of 34cm, you can not miss it. It's about 8cm high. Entirely made of plastic, it has on top a cleaning button, a working hood for the dust container or the water container. On its edge there are sensors and a retractable bumper, preceded by a rubber band. screenshot_68 Underneath, you have 2 parallel wheels with shock absorbers, a wheel that turns on itself, a series of sensors, a brush that brings the dust (which they call side brush) to the central brush (which they call Turbo brush) which it brings them back In the tray. screenshot_70 screenshot_69 At the level of the contents of the box, you have heard of the vacuum cleaner, the charging terminal with European plug, the remote control (with batteries supplied), a total of 2 side brushes, 2 HEPA filters, the dust container, the water tank (which also has a Part for dust, therefore 2 in 1), 2 mops and simplified operating instructions. For the ILIFE V7S Plus user manual, you can view it here: Https://www.iliferobot.com/Private/ProductFiles/0129539c37d9c173335f.pdf (in English). screenshot_67 Its use is very simple: just press the clean button and hop, it is gone for 20 min of automatic cleaning. 4 cleaning modes are possible:

  • Automatic mode: It will clean the room by wandering randomly + making the corners
  • Corner mode: It will just clean the corners
  • Spot mode: Used primarily to clean stains, it will describe larger and larger circles from its starting point, then smaller and smaller circles.
  • Programmed mode: will start at the programmed time

screenshot_71 I want to restate that the automatic mode is quite random (rather semi-random since it makes the corners) and therefore that inevitably, it might miss areas. If I want to clarify this is because on the official site of ILIFE, you have this image: This pictScreenshot_64ure is misleading and can make you think that the V7S more (even if on the picture they have not changed and have left the other model, the pro , but whether it's pro or more, it's the same operation) has a mapping algorithm that allows to browse the pieces one by one without leaving anything to chance… At the operating level, the noise is acceptable without being too loud, the noise level is clearly much less loud than a conventional vacuum cleaner. At the suction efficiency level, frankly nothing to complain about! I do not have pets, so I can not tell if on a mat it is just as effective to remove the hairs, but on parquet, tile or carpet, no worries of aspirations: dust, hair and other dirt are sucked there as well as small Screws and/or bolts! About carpet, he had no worries about getting on at my place. About his displacement, it is quite fast I find for a robot vacuum, while being effective in suction, it is very well balanced at this level there I find. On the other hand, in his displacement, while he has anti-collision sensors, he still happens from time to time to bump against the feet of a piece of furniture… It's a bit stupid I find, but on the other hand, the ILIFE V7S Plus has a "bumper", a front bumper that also serves as detection. When he bumps, the vacuum cleaner feels mechanically that the bumper has moved and hop, he knows there is an obstacle. A rubber band is present on this bumper, so little risk of damaging your furniture or the vacuum cleaner itself. Plus, the shocks are pretty low. The big change in V7S more compared to previous models (V7S and V7S Pro) is the fact that it knows how to suck and wash at the same time. The previous versions could only suck or wash, not the 2 at the same time. The fact of being able to suck and wash at the same time is mine of nothing very useful! If your room has a lot of dust and some stains, vacuuming the dust will allow the mop to not be dirty in 2-3 movement and therefore to be more efficient to wash the floor! In addition, if you have for example a screw that hangs on the ground, aspiring it before washing the floor will allow you to avoid scratching your parquet for example, because in case your robot does not wash the ground without suction, the screw would be taken by the mop and driven D Years of the robot's wake! Side back to the base reloading, no worries, it detects the base well, approaches by slowing to adjust to the best and recharges well all alone! Very useful! Still requires a space around the base so that he can do his approach maneuvers.  


At the current price and in view of its functions, the V7SILIFE Plus has a very interesting functions + efficiency/price ratio! The price, efficiency, vacuuming and washing at the same time, remote controllable and automatic recharge make it a very good product at low prices! On the other hand, only black point from my point of view is the lack of planned mapping… Here it's random cleaning (except for corners), which is a bit of a pity, but at that price, I think it's hard to blame. Link: https://fr.gearbest.com/robot-vacuum/pp_1649341.html test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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