How to calibrate your laptop battery

battery-half-load Over time, unfortunately, notebook batteries can see their autonomy, or rather their capacity decrease. This is from the fact that our dear batteries produce waste that gradually to replace the healthy components. And because of this, our dear laptop computers "think" that the battery is full or x % (for example, 50%) while in fact, it is at x – y %, and so the pc turns off earlier than planned due to lack of juice!   To avoid this, recalibrate, here is the recipe:

  • Connect your laptop to the outlet with the battery and let load it to 100%
  • Once charged to 100%, yet let it load for 2 hours so that the battery cools down. You can use it without worry in the meantime.
  • Then, disconnect the power plug and use your laptop up to drain the battery, i.e., to 5% and it snaps in hibernation.
  • Let stand for 5 hours.
  • Reconnect the mains Plug and charge at bottom. Use of the computer during this time there does not interfere.

  And voila, the computer should have a more accurate estimate of the capacity of your battery now. Apparently, it is advisable to do this every 3 months.

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