How to make overlay pop-ups disappear?


Overlay pop-ups are mini-windows that appear in the middle of your web browser when you visit certain sites and invite you for example to “like” them on Facebook or subscribe to their newsletters… These are pop-ups that appear without being solicited by the user.

They can appear at the beginning of the navigation, in the middle or at the end… and always the same principle: they hide and make inaccessible the content of the page visited!

In half of the cases, you can easily close them by clicking on the small cross provided for this purpose, but sometimes, in the other half of cases, in order to force people to subscribe or other, they hide in the decoration the small cross or even make it disappear in order to d e make you believe that you have to subscribe to access the content! While not, a click on one of the 4 sides is sometimes enough to close the pop-up, for others, it’s simply a click in the grayed area, …

In short, the overlay pop-ups are quite annoying, not to say all the time, because no need to make a window appear in the middle of the screen and hide the content to tell us to subscribe, if the content and the site in general are good and we like , we will automatically subscribe if we want to know the other articles, no need to spoil the pleasure of reading for that!

So if, like me, you’re tired of overlay pop-ups, there’s a solution: The browser plugin “BehindTheOverlay”!

Simple to use, you just install it, and the next time you see an overlay pop-up that stuns you, you click its button, and hop, the overlay will disappear!

pop-up overlay the world

The extension for Chrome.

The extension for Firefox (no need to restart!)

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