How to fix a black screen problem

computer-on-off-screen Some time ago, I was writing an article on the fact that my laptop screen had become black after an update, and I détaillais how to fix the problem. Following this article, I had several black screen on PC resolution request, but that the method of my other article did not work because the problem was not the same. In the light of the number of people who have asked for help for their black screen, I therefore decided to write another resolution methods. You should know that there are overall 2 possibilities of problems that can cause the appearance of black screen:

  1. the physical hardware problem
  2. the software problem

  At the hardware level, check the cables. If the cable "works", then unfortunately, there nothing to do except to change the graphics card or screen. If the problem is software, the following method should in theory run almost all the shots.  

How to fix the black screen on PC problems

  1. At the start of your computer / laptop pc, go into safe mode. To do this, press constantly F8 (or F5) until the appearance of the selection screen allowing you to choose the Mode Windows safe. mode-Sans-Echec-Windows-Ecran-Noir Choose either:

  • Safe Mode or
  • the Safe Mode with network support

Best to take with the support network that will be connected to the internet. Safe mode loading may take a long time, no concern at this level.   2. Once in Windows, go to the Start Menu

=> Control Panel

=> Equipment and Audio

=> Device Manager

=> Graphics cards

Map-chart-Manager-device In this case, I have 2 graphics cards because it is a laptop pc with 1 "performance" graphics (ATI) when connected to mains and an energy efficient graphics card (the intel) when on battery. On a fixed pc, you only one normally unless you're a ultragamer.   3. For those who are on laptop, take the graphics card which is concerned with the problem according to battery/sector. For the fixed PC, you have no choice ^^ right-click on your graphics card and click Uninstall (with drivers). map-graphic-ati-screen-black Note: your screen may flicker during the process, it is normal.   4. Restart your pc and after reboot, your pc will automatically detect your graphics card as if it was new and reinstall generic drivers for the graphics card. This method should solve your problem. 5. If your problem is resolved, reinstall the driver specific to your graphics card by searching on the site of the manufacturer of your pc (if purchased Pc to a large surface) or on the website of the manufacturer of the graphics card.

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