Test / Review: Clip attaches screen, Mountie by Ten One Design


When I work at home on my laptop, I often tend to use another device like my smartphone in addition. It must be said that in my workplace, I use daily … 6 screens at the sam
e time! I use my smartphone to have an eye on another activity that I can't see on my pc because already busy with another or several tasks that usually take up my entire s
creen. Unfortunately, the further away your smartphone is, the more tired your eyes will get (need to make more movements), but you may lose events that will happen on your pc screen while you look at your smartphone. This is quite normal, because you lose in field of view, but also in concentration.

To avoid this, unfortunately for concentration, you can do nothing about it, but the field of view, it is possible to reduce this effect, simply by putting the 2nd screen as close as possible to the 1st. In this way, your eyes (with your head), instead of making an angle of 75 degrees, with a screen close to the other, not only will your head not move (or very little), but your eyes will only move about ten percent, which will mean that you keep e ncore one eye (distracted, but nevertheless present) on the other screen!

To attach a smartphone or tablet to the height of a laptop screen (or a screen at all), I have not seen mass solution: you have the desktop clamp solution or the Mountie of Ten One Design!

mountie screen support

Which one is the best of the two? That's what we're going to see!


  • Attach your smartphone or tablet to your computer for greater efficiency in all your tasks
  • Strong rubberized handle
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Universal compatibility
  • Minimalist design
ten one design mountie

The test

The first thing to say is that it is small for what it is supposed to do, barely 4 cm2 of contact surface to support a smartphone or even a tablet! And it must be said that it works!

The product is not intuitive at first, but once you understand the principle, it's relatively simple: you 1 clip on each side and a rubber height (anti-slip) used to fill the gap between the clip and the screen to be worn.

You eclipse, you change the rubber height depending on the thickness of the screen, you put each screen, you clip.

manual mountie

except that… Well, yes, it works, but there are 2 snags:

  1. The first being that the different thicknesses of rubber are only available in one copy each! Which means that if you have 2 screens of the same thickness, you have it in the baba! Either you'll use a smaller thickness, and therefore your screen will hold less well, or you're using too much thickness and your screen will hold just as badly with a risk of overpressure whether it's on the screen or the support (which is plastic)!
  2. The second is that available thickness side (5 in total) for the screen, it's short! It's mainly dedicated to ultra-thin screens!
mountie thickness

On some sites, we can read that this medium is universal: this is clearly far from the case! Moreover, if we visit the official website of the manufacturer, we read that it is rather intended for Apple devices! But it is understandable that some people classify it as universal compatibility, because it is just a matter of thickness and not a matter of brand. But since the thicknesses are defined by the support itself and by the rubber parts, it is also not universal!


Small but strong, this screen holder is quite effective. Unfortunately, we quickly notice the limits: a single batch of non-slip rubber preventing us from using the support with 2 screens of the same thickness and very limited thicknesses.


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