How to save iPhone or iPod battery


How many times we would not be able to finish a level of a game before the battery loose? And why high-tech devices have the tendency to be discharged at the time where it is most needed?

With this article I hope to give you a few tricks to ensure the longevity of the battery of your device.

Small tricks so that the cycle of battery of your Idevice is the longest possible:


1 ° adjust the brightness: choose you even better backlight, the fact to let in "auto" mode or a level too hard will be what will pump more juice in your battery


2 ° switch to airplane mode: by this simple gesture you'll save a lot of battery. The machines Apple connecting very quickly it is unnecessary to leave constantly connected. The network 3G is also greedy battery. Or at least cut the 'bluetooth'.


3 ° lock your Idevice, as soon as you no longer have the utility: If you do not yet have reflex, this reduces the backlight. CFR 1 °


4 ° avoid your iPod heats: Apple devices are made to operate at their full potential at a temperature of 22 ° C. If ever your Ipod gets hot (even during charging) remove him his protection (if you have one) and made him take a little air before reusing or before putting it back in charge.


5 ° limit to the maximum, "localization" services or "push" notification: they are always active even when your Idevice is in standby mode, at least there are more than you'll save battery. (this also includes mail ;))


6 ° before reloading your machine wait until it is fully Nair (your machine turn off of it even): as for all batteries, it is better to wait until the battery is fully discharged before the reloaded. Thus all the cells in the battery will be recharged. This allows you to extend the life of your battery.


7 ° be sure that your applications are always closed: to fully close an app press 2fois on the "home" button, at this time there will be a bar with your application use that will be displayed, press and hold push, at that time an "X" appears at the top of the applications, you need to do is close them all. This warranty to your Idevice better responsiveness and a beautiful energy saving.


8 ° when listening to music, it is preferable to use the "Shuffle" function: indeed this saves your battery because it keeps your machine to have to settle for a predefined list and thus less demand at the level of its hard drive.


9 ° all the games (especially 3D) consume lot of battery: If you need your device but that there not enough charge in the corner. Don't play with, otherwise there quickly lose all its energy


If despite everything the autonomy of your device sounds always insufficient know that there is battery to fix on your Idevice. (Finally I do not have so I could give you my judgment ;-))

These are some tips that will make you gain a few precious hours of autonomies :-)


Thanks to JFK for your question that inspired this article ;-) Here's hoping that this is useful.

Feel free to ask your questions!

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