Greenify: the star to save battery on Android!

save-energy It's no secret that no matter the smartphone, whether old or new, the battery has a ridiculous battery life compared to our old bricks old cell phones! How to save battery on Android? To remedy this, there are several solutions:

  1. change the internal battery
  2. add an external battery
  3. optimization

  These are the 3 main solutions to increase the battery life of a smartphone, but none of them makes major improvements without constraint!

How to save battery on Android?

The internal battery

You have several types:

  • Those of the same size as the original one and the same capacity
  • Batteries of the same size, but of higher capacity
  • Larger sizes and larger capacity

We are not interested in the first type, it is the same as a wireless external battery. The 2nd type is interesting but the increase in capacity does not exceed 10% (15 large max). And the 3rd type, capacity level, is much more interesting, but alas, your smartphone takes a shot level design because the battery has a thickness much higher (double or even triple) than your smartphone and therefore requires a new fitted shell! Not to mention the untraceable cases, prices, etc.  

The external battery

The external battery, you always have to walk around with the cable … and let it plug in when it recharges your smartphone, so your smartphone takes a heck of a mobility hit!  


Optimization is free and you manage it yourself. This is also for me the best solution to save a battery! The only constraints? Chipoter here, there in your smartphone and savings not always observable because depends on the user and the use … but in some cases, it can be much more interesting than an extra battery! Personally, of course, I apply my optimizations:, but for some time I discovered a very interesting application: Greenify. In terms of applications, there are roughly three categories:

  • The ones that manage your connections, brightness, etc. (juice Defender type) – Personally, I prefer to manage all the details myself, because one day is not the other and these applications also consume a lot of energy because all the time have to turn in the background to be able to change your Settings…
  • The so-called "Auto-kill" for applications that automatically "kill" applications after a certain time of inuse – controversial: some say they do the opposite (consume more), others believe that this is not good to complete the processes of applications in a brutal way, … Personally, I have never tried because the principle of killing applications brutally did not suit me, too much risk for applications.
  • And the 3rd category, the one where Greenify is: It's a variant of "autokill", rather than removing apps that run in the background, this one freezes them! By freezing them, these apps no longer run and consume energy when your smartphone screen is off!

Results of optimizations

Result, my optimizations – Greenify? From 2 days of use, I switched to … 4 days without changing battery!   Despite the excellent work he does, some negative points:

  • doesn't automatically freeze all your apps, you have to tell them which apps to freeze
  • system applications are not frozen at all in the free version (but it's about half of these that consume your battery)
  • requires that the smartphone be rooted (an update now allows you to use it without being root, but according to the comments I read, it's manual …)
  • requires a little latency when thawing an application (which is quite normal, but it is still noticeable)
  • on the donor (paying) version, some experimental functions are more energy-intensive

greenify This good little app is available for free on the Play Store, enjoy:

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