How to improve the history of the Windows 10 clipboard

Windows paperweight history

Whether in my job or in my personal life, I use a lot of copy and paste and therefore the clipboard. The problem with the default paperweight is that it can only memorize one copied item. If you copy something else, it has already forgotten the previous one. In this case, it is very interesting, even essential to have a history of the things that we copied in order to go and look for them!

To address this problem, there are various programs that can replace/manage the default clipboard, such as:

  • CopyQ
  • Ditto
  • ClipAngel

The main advantage of this type of software is to save everything you put in your clipboard. Some even allow you to create/save templates that you will then stick in a few clicks. And other possibilities that differ depending on the software.

But for those who just want a history of their clipboard, it's possible in Windows. But only from Windows 10. And by default, this one is not enabled.

How to activate the clipboard history on Windows 10

To activate the history, it's very simple:

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to activate the clipboard history under Windows 10

  1. Start Menu

    Open your Start menu via your Windows button or by clicking on your Windows icon

  2. Settings

    Click on the notched wheel, the 2nd icon from the bottom of your Start menu, to open the Settings window

  3. System

    Click on the System part

  4. Clipboard

    In the new window, in the left part, select Paperweight

  5. Activate

    Turn on the history

And that's it, the history is activated.

To access this history, all you need to do is use the Windows V keyboard shortcut.

Be aware that you can sync these memorized items between your different devices.

For each copied entry, you can either pin it or erase it. Or erase all entries.

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