Review / Inateck Test: UC4001 and HB4002G

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 I was lucky enough to be contacted by the company Inateck to test 2 of their flagship products released recently: THE UC4001 and the HB4002G! FYI, Inateck is a German company specializing in everything that is computer accessories, be it bluetooth speakers, USB hubs, hard drive boxes, pci card, dongle, etc. inateck So let's go to the tests!  


Behind this model number is actually a wall socket dedicated to recharging USB devices! 4 in total to be more exact! 4 at the same time, it goes without sayuc4001ing! But its peculiarity is not to have 4 USB sockets that it can recharge because this is more and more common, but to have among its 4 usb ports, 2 which are said "Super Charger", which are actually 2 USB ports with high amperage! You have 2 classic USB ports that charge at 5V and 1A (your backup batteries usually range from 0.5 to 1 A for the best) and 2 USB ports that recharge at 5V and 2.4A! That's 2.4 times faster! For the latter, it is necessary to know that to benefit from this gain, you need devices that are capable and have been designed to absorb such a large amount of energy, such as iPads or samsungs. Also be aware that even if you plug in devices that are unable to absorb such energy, it doesn't matter, they will just absorb the maximum amount they can. In terms of design, a little big for my taste: 9x8x3.5cm but a blue Led lights up as soon as you plug the charger to the plug. charger sector Simple and effective! It easily recharged my smartphone, my backup battery, my helmet and my mouse! You can find it here: or here  

The HB4002G

hb4002G Under this other model name hides this time a USB hub! This is already rarer, because USB 3 hubs are unusual especially those autonomous. Most of the time there are USB 2 hubs. But the HB4002G, not only being a self-powered USB 3 hub that contains 4 ports, also contains an OTG plug (On The Go, which I've talked about many times in different tests like here or here) in micro-usb! This means that thanks to this hub, a pc hub, it can turn into a hub for smartphone or tablet! Enough to connect 4 USB keys at once, or a keyboard and a mouse – 2 other devices! Of course, you need a USB OTG compatible device, but more and more devices are. In short, 2 in 1! HUB USB 3 for pc and HUB USB 3 for smartphone and tablet! On the other hand, like any self-powered hub, there is no need to connect too many energy-intensive devices like self-powered external hard drives. In addition, wireless devices that use 2.4Ghz waves such as wireless keyboards, wireless mice and wireless headphones are not recommended with USB 3. Design level, no complaints, small, simple, port usb 3 in blue with case in black / gray of the most beautiful effect. 3 USB ports on the surface and one on the edge. Cable about 25 cm. The micro-usb adapter can slide along the cable. usb 3 hub On the speed side, no worries, it is well USB 3, on the other hand, I could not test the 4 ports at the same time since I only have one device in USB 3 at the moment. You can find this article here: or here test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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