Test / Review: Inateck laser pointer and remote control PowerPoint

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1   For the work of end of the year or in the professional world, we may need to PowerPoint presentations (or other). And it is always the day of the presentation that we realise that we are missing a pointer laser (the only distraction for the audience). There are many model and prices can also be varied. Here we will describe a laser pointer with remote control to move the slides of a presentation.  

1. Presentation

Inateck laser pointer and remote controlinateck height The laser pointer (at the centre in black on the image) measures 13.5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, we can say that fits easily in the cover of his notebook. Note that it works with one AAA battery, not included. It comes with a small user manual that can be summarized in 2 lines:

    • Insert one AAA battery into the remote control.
    • remove the base, which is magnetically held in the pointer stick, USB stick and let your computer install the program.


2. Use

Inateck remote control with USB After waiting a good 10 minutes until the program finishes to settle, the passage of dia in a PowerPoint and its counterpart in OpenOffice are in issue, reception is up to 15 m without a problem. Laser Inateck For themselves which is the pointer, it emits a red dot up to 20 meters without problem. To emit the laser, simply press the button but once released the laser switches off. So always keep his finger on the button. The buttons are all very soft and pleasant to the touch, there are one to move slides forward, another to go in the other direction and finally the button to turn on the laser. On the side there is an "ON-OFF" switch, it is strong enough to not turn it off accidentally during the presentation by holding in the hand. On the remote control there is also a battery indicator low, always handy to know if can take the time of the presentation.  

3. Conclusion

  Full remote control simple but, it will be useful during your presentation, TFE (school work), or another and can also bring pleasure to your children (manipulate a non-risk laser pointer). In addition, with its small size and its featherweight (30g, battery included), it will not get to feel in the case of your laptop.   Product link: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B017NFKFHC/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2  

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