Studies in computer science, a path in full swing

Diplomas and training courses in computer science are currently and for several years, the wind in its sails on the labour market. These courses are rather well suited for scientific and 'hacking' minds, there are more and more channels in the field, ever more specialized and sharp in new technologies that are constantly growing.

Indeed, with the exponential evolution of computing, different languages, protocols, digital technologies, which settle increasingly in our lives daily, digital has become in a few years an indispensable tool.

Imagine you do not have internet access, nothing that for pre-registration in school superior, it would be stuck! All its technologies are gaining ground and for some, all alternatives, which were still 20 years ago the main method, have disappeared or are on track to disappear. Before such excitement, demand for qualified professionals in the field increases, with nothing that in France and only for the domain of the internet, in the course of the past 15 years, there were 700 000 jobs created. This is more than 1% of the population, and this growth is identical in our neighbouring European or overseas in the Canada and the United States.

Before such a development, and with the trivialization of news technologies, more and more young people are moving towards this direction, but how to choose?

First, the most common profiles in the field are scientific predominance with good foundation in mathematics, essential computer skills. Once in higher education, several options to the student. It can make the choice of short studies of type BTS (Brevet de technicien supérieur) or even OTC (Diplôme universitaire de technologie).

With this kind of diploma, a good half of students enter active life without difficulties once graduated. The other half continuing their study with a Pro license to then go into the world of work, whatever the field, software engineering, network architecture or industrial computing. The majority of graduates finding a job during the first year after graduating.
Then you can choose longer studies, ranging from 5 to 8 years in study 3rd cycle. Whether in a large school, school of engineering or University, all areas of computing are represented. With the following type of school, profiles of different degrees.

For the academic curriculum, the Bachelor of computer science was primarily due to a master (or sometimes on an engineering school) but is not intended to be a degree in either for the labour market, but a degree allowing him to continue his studies. Then the masters allow contrary to the license that is General to choose a specific area in which we want to specialize. At the end of a master, it is able to work, but if desired, one can also continue in the LMD courses by concatenating the n902s with a doctorate. The most popular masters by firms are those that provide students with dual jurisdiction between the computer and the management of projects of companies.

Schools of engineers, meanwhile, are accessible through several channels, mainly after an exam or a licence for top students, sometimes also after a BTS OTC (IUT) but this profile is more rare (but possible). Admission to high school is done as for the engineering school, there are particular EPITECH which is very popular with recruiters. After the training, there is a large percentage of hiring so demand is important.

Subsequently, if we want to develop to be more competitive, a set of training courses for training in the latest technologies on the market is a good investment between jobs or even in addition to a job. There are many companies specializing in this type of training, most of the time some days or some weeks, showing a detailed overview on a specific point of a technology or a complete new technology. There is training and courses by Technologia, which specialized in this field, but as for the masters to dual skills, information technology and project management, they offer a range extended also to the PMI training in management of projects (Project Management Institute) which is an international certification of skills in project management and thus increasing competitiveness on the labour market.

Be that as it may, even if is intended for computing in his professional life, computer literacy are a vital asset in our society today. You, readers of this article surely know ;-). It is mainly for this reason that blogs such as Pandoon cave are popular today because they give many tricks in computer science or other new digital technologies that are a good way to have the relevant knowledge that are needed in the life of all day for our digital activities without to follow a course of several years in graduate school. In addition, regardless of the profession you choose, have a small side geek, and be comfortable with a computer is always a plus, in fact, more and more trades have a real digital need to improve performance.  To go further without taking her degree program at zero, the formations of a few days for more than casual acquaintances of tricks in a specific area is a good alternative. Both fast, accurate, and complete, these are intermediaries between blogs on the topic of digital and a true curriculum in computer science giving birth to computer programmers.

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