Review / Test: Bluetooth Avantree Clipper black -red stereo listeners


Already the holder of the Bluetooth headphones Avantree Jogger, I’m delighted but the sports model is not super aesthetic for every day, I wanted to test these, whose color and elegant clip attracted me right away. The fact that I could also use it for calls was not negligible when I chose.

Package content and reviews of its components

helmet 3
  • The micro USB charging cable.
  • 2 pairs of extra soft protections for headphones.
  • a small protective bag for the helmet, convenient to carry everywhere without it getting tangled.
  • a manual (in English but very clear)
  • The helmet: Hard to make lighter than that, the headset weighing only 15 unfortunate grams! Its dimensions are 50.5 x 26 x 18 mm, it has a range between 2 and 10m, its rechargeable lithium battery is 3.7V / 85mAH and has a theoretical autonomy in conversation/listening music of 6 hours.
helmet 2

Pairing is super easy to do: after activating the bluetooth on the paired device, just press the multifunction button on the headset until the LED flashes alternately red/blue (operation to be performed when the helmet is off). It is indicated that it takes 7 to 10 seconds for the LED to flash according to the instructions, this was the case here.

The hands-free kit function, for which you only have to press the multifunction button to pick up a call while listening to music, works as well as on the jogger model mentioned above, and with the clip/micro clipd on the clothes, the caller hears us even better.

helmet 1



Good surprise that this helmet very comfortable to wear, and as pretty as hoped. The sound of excellent quality of the Avantree brand is confirmed here, nothing to complain about at this level. The range assessed between two and ten meters is on the other hand a little exaggerated in my opinion, at about 5m the sound was already starting to jerk …

Very practical the clip system, we put it where we want on our clothes without it bothers and access to the settings is facilitated. At this level, no worries for the multifunction button, but I find that the fact that the same buttons are used to change track and adjust the volume is not very practical: you have to press the volume button longer when you want to move forward or back from a track, I find that it does not always react very well.

This is the only flaw found at these headphones so far, because the advanced battery life is well respected, I’m at just over 5 hours of listening music so far, and still no low battery alert.

As you will understand, I think these headphones are a good buy and I do not hesitate to recommend them :)

In addition, these headphones will go elegantly with new smartphones, such as the LG G5


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