Test / Reviews: DiCAPac waterproof cover for Samsung Galaxy Note


I do not know about you but as far as I am concerned, my greatest stress when I am offered an outdoor activity: “But, will I be able to take my phone with?!” (You can imagine the stressed air that goes with it, yes Yes). Still, many outdoor activities carry risks: dust, sand, snow, water!

And then pack my phone in 3 plastic bags closed at triple knots before putting it in the bucket “airtight” (ahem.. It eeeeest Yes) when I’m kayaking in the summer, or stress when I get my phone out in the winter to take pictures in the snow at the thought of dropping it in, no thanks! Also, when I discovered the existence of DICAPAC waterproof covers and the possibilities they offer, I directly wanted to test them.

Mobilfun Dicapac Cover

Contents of the Box:

2014-10-06 22_opt

– Strap to hang the cover around the neck

– Instructions/warning sets before use

– The DiCAPac cover: made of a rather thick plastic, it inspires confidence at first. There are several closures for extra safety: a zip to close, then you have to wrap the cover around it for a few centimeters, this ends with a velcro and a last longer velcro closure to complete the closure of the cover.

2014-10-06 22_opt (3)

In the category “Warning” in the operating instructions, it is specified that a leakproofness test must be carried out before use; What I did, according to the recommendations, by placing a handkerchief inside the cover immersed for a little while.

This test carried out and conclusive, the handkerchief coming out is no longer dry, I was able to pass the test with my Galaxy Note 3 (I would lie if I confessed not have had cold sweats by placing my phone in the basin, even if the cover inspires confidence…).


Verdict after immersing my phone: the cover is tight, my GN3 still alive and I had palpitations for nothing:-D The sealing is supposed to support 10m deep.


The cover perfectly fulfils its sealing mission, its use is simple and it will prove useful in many situations. The use of the screen inside the cover does not pose any worries, it always responds as well. Only downside as far as I am concerned, the cover was particularly tempting for me to use my phone while wading in my bath, or, the instructions specify that it should not be used in hot water exceeding 30 °c… Except for this point, I can only recommend it if you are looking for this kind of protections ;)


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