Review/test: Samsung Galaxy S3 Momax U charger


If you are a big energy consumer of your Samsung Galaxy S3, this Pack is made for you! The Momax U Pack for Galaxy S3 includes:

  • A battery charger
  • A USB/Micro-USB cable
  • A 2100mAh battery
  • A mini carrying pouch for the battery

  momax S3

The charger

It’s not a simple charger that you can usually find in the store! This one has the particularity… to recharge both your Smartphone via the USB cable, but in parallel, to recharge another internal battery! Yes, this one contains a compartment to recharge a second battery. enough to relieve your pockets from an external battery that you may not be able to recharge at the same time as your Smartphone! Because that says recharge Smartphone + external battery, says double Plug and double cable! Here, thanks to this charger, no need for double plug or double cable! Especially as an internal battery and always lighter than an external battery of the same capacity! Of course, with the supplied USB/Micro-USB cable, charging is not limited to the Galaxy S3 only, you can recharge any device with a micro-USB port! For charging another battery, I have not tested, but in principle, provided that the contact can be established and you manage to fix it in its base, there should be no problem, but the best is still to check at the level of specificities :

  • Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0, 2A
  • Output DC 4, 35V 2580mA, USB 5, 2V 650mA

The charger has 2 LEDs that tell you the load of a device with the cable and the direct charge. Galaxy S3 AC charger  

The battery

It is the same capacity as the original Samsung battery, so you do not earn more or less. No need for special hull, the size remains the same too. The only thing you lose is the NFC chip that is present only in original Samsung batteries. battery Samsung Galaxy S3

The cable

With a length of one metre, this one is a data synchronization type, so besides using it to recharge your devices in micro-USB, you can very well use it with your computer to manage your files from your Smartphone or Tablet! cable data SG3


In short, a good small charger coupled with an internal battery and a very useful universal data cable! test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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