Review/ Review: Otterbox Commuter Series Shell for Samsung Galaxy Note 3


I usually look more at the price than anything else when I buy a shell (when you buy a smartphone at 700 you think that we have already spent enough like this, finally me in any case :D) , and so I use Chinese shells at maximum 5 and often even me
ns that … But, even if it's better than not having it at all, when I see the quality, I can't help but wonder if they really protect my precious toy, so I jumped at the chance when I had the opportunity to test an Otterbox shell to be able to compare a "white product" and this brand known for its reliability.

Package content and component reviews:

2014-10-06 22_opt(1)
2014-10-06 22_opt(2)

– the packaging itself is nice and makes it very pro (small metal handle on top of the box); it's not much use, of course, but personally it always makes me happy to receive items in packages that do not make low-end especially an item at this price ^^

– screen protection – small cloth to clean the screen before placement

– the protective shell, in two parts:

20141006_173330-1 (2)

a flexible part made of synthetic rubber, to be placed first

a rigid polycarbonate part to be placed after the soft part

(I was afraid to force it to fit well but I had to insist).

The set weighs 63g.

The flexible part has caches that cover the volume, ignition, and openings for charging and headphones, so everything is well protected from dust. Access to the stylus is left free.

The rigid part is thick, it is felt when you take the phone in hand that there is a little extra thickness, but the material offers a good grip, which is rare with one hand given the size of the phone. On the other hand it slides well when you want to put it in the pocket, which is an important point in any case as far as I ^^Already had anti-shock shells difficult to fit in my pocket or the pouch of my bag so the material grabbed the surrounding fabric :-/ .

SAM_3091_opt_opt (1)

Regarding the protection of the phone thanks to this shell, difficult to judge in practice (my dedication during the tests will not go so far as to swing my phone to the ground, anyway eh must not push :D), but by the thickness of the solid part and the fact that everything is well covered (the flexible part "eats" a little more on the edges of the screen than other shells already tried, and absorbs shocks), it inspires a feeling of confidence and quality.


This shell is even prettier in real than in photo (I took the color "glacier" but it is also available in black), access to all the buttons remains very convenient (I had just a little trouble the first few minutes to press the center button because of the bo Rd of the hull that goes back a little on the screen but we get used to it very quickly), it holds well in hand, in short it left to stay a while on my phone, I recommend it without hesitation and realize thanks to this that the quality is paid and that it worth the price to put the price to protect our smartphones!


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