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There are different media, whether for smartphones or tablets: office racks, car racks, bike racks, etc. but did you know the leg supports?

Yes, it does exist! The principle is simple: put the support on his leg and put the smartphone or tablet on it! Well, I admit what is the exact name for this kind of support! ^^

The usefulness is of course very useful when lying down as well as sitting, for example if you do not have enough space on your desk and you use your computer and tablet at the same time!

But as you might expect, putting a tablet on one leg is a challenge so it doesn't fall to the ground and cracks its mouth!

Is the PadPivot NST taking on this challenge brilliantly? That's what we're going to see!



  • Hold your tablet or e-reader on the desk or on your legs
  • Compatible with most tablets and e-readers
  • Provides excellent stability and allows for adjustable viewing angles
  • Includes SureGrip NanoSuction technology
  • Folds easily to be carried quietly in the pocket
padpivot nst

The test

Admittedly, when we imagine the bazaar, we have big doubts about the effectiveness of the object! Our leg is far from flat ground! Our tablets are relatively far from also featherweights! And far from being strong enough (unprotected) to fall to the ground without suffering any damage!

Although not reported, nor visible on the promotional photos of the product I could see, a "belt" is well present for purchase and helps to keep the support on his leg, fortunately! But it should also be known that the surface that makes up the surface that comes into contact with the leg or other surface, is composed of non-smooth plastic with a design more or less in honeycombs. At first glance, when we observe and touch the surface in question, it is certainly not slippery, but we doubt its non-slip function …. And yet, to have tested it, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised by its grip! Tested on fabric and skin, its adhesion is more than correct. On metal or plastic like a plastic water bottle, its grip is on that side, almost zero, it's always good to know anyone who would like to use the holder as a shelf holder in a rounded place.

honeycomb bee support

Yes, thanks to 2 parts that can be folded, we can use the support on different diameters, whether it is a large diameter like a leg or a "fine" diameter like an arm!

Regarding the holding of the tablet, the supports can support them in different ways, you have basically 3 different ways:

  • The space of about 1.5 cm
  • SureGrip NanoSuction (sticky pad)
  • and the use of the two at the same time

The space of about 1.5cm is enough for most tablets and even for small portable screens! The sticky pad actually has two functions: thanks to its edges, it serves as a support if the tablet rests on it, and thanks to its sticky pad, it can be placed on it. The sticky pad requires, for better grip, a plastic film glued to the device. 6 are provided, 3 large and 3 small.

The pad can turn on itself (semi-free ball) and can be removed. The ball can also be removed to make it easier to pocket the support.

manual padpivot nst


Very good surprise for this rather unusual medium! Support for legs, arms, desk, pole, or other, it won't have too much trouble supporting your tablet or even your smartphone in landscape mode!


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