Test/review: Screen-mounted Clip-smartphone/Mountie + tablet


A few years ago, I had tested the Mountie at Ten one Design which is a clip that allows you to attach to your screen a laptop or tablet, a smartphone or another tablet.

At that time, I was moderately convinced, although effective, he quickly showed his limits.

This time I'm testing the Mountie + version.


Mountie vs. Mountie + comparison

The difference between Mountie and Mountie + is that the Mountie is a single clip while the Mountie + is a separate double clip of about 5, 5cm with a passage dedicated to a transfer/reload cable.

Le Mountie
Mountie Plus
Mountie +

Mountie +

So at unpacking, I was direct disappointed: many claws present on the accessory but the rubber ring was also poorly placed… These are minor flaws, but for a new object, it clearly gives a bad image! The claws, nothing to do, they will stay, but the rubber ring, I managed to replace it correctly.


The Mountie + is clearly a double version of the Mountie: the accessories (the different pads to fill the thicknesses) are identical, just their number that doubled, and not quadrupled, so that once again, if you want to put in parallel 2 Devices of the same thickness next to each other, it is only feasible if you have other extra pads or you put something to fill the void.


The Mountie + has a hole designed to pass a cable between the double pair of clips. This one measures about 0, 8cm on 1, 4cm, enough to let the majority of USB cables pass, but alas, not all. And it's very useful if you put your smartphone in landscape mode or with your tablet, the cable should not interfere.


On the other hand, if you want to pass another type of cable, it may be problematic…


I would say that the Mountie + keeps the advantages and disadvantages of Mountie, but with still 2 additional advantages: a double pair of clip which allows a better grip, and a hole to pass a USB cable if necessary.


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