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To continue our tour of blogs for portable appliance testing, (our partner) offers universal support for Tablet.

But this is not a simple medium that one has the opportunity to see in everyone, here is a spider! ;-)


Spider Podium: 


The Spider Podium.Rem
arquez spider support has different adjustable parts.

This support is ideal for all types of shelves and in all kinds of situation. I could test it for you, here's my impression.


The test:

What do we seek when bracket is used? I will say:

  1. Stability
  2. A perfect readability of the screen
  3. Easy adjustment
  4. The facility in transport
  5. Protection for the Tablet

In my opinion it is the 5 important points. Spider Podium responds to each of them and more, let me explain:


1. Stability:

With its 8 articulated arm, this "spider" can attach to any type of shelf. The goal is set 4 arm around the Tablet and use the other 4 to adjust the holder.
Myself, I ran the test on a Tablet Samsung 7.0 + and a Samsung 10.1, so a small and a large model.
For stability, whether it's one or the other, none of the tablets has moved. The holder has not slipped on my desktop, and even pressing with force on the screen support is not unfolded.
So for the stability I give 4/5 rating, because however there is always a small earthquake. This is not annoying to but for completeness I had pointed out.

Landscape format of a Tablet 10.1 mode support

Landscape format of a Tablet 10.1 mode support


The media with a Tablet 10.1 in portrait format

The media with a Tablet 10.1 in portrait format

2. The readability of the screen and 3. Easy adjustment:

On the Tablet 7.0, it is very easy to adjust support to ensure that the end legs arise on the screen outline. So no problem for readability.

Tablet 7.0 in portrait

Tablet 7.0 in portrait

Tablet 7.0 in landscape

Tablet 7.0 in landscape

So, you can see it for yourself, that the touch part of the screen is not at all covered by the support, whether it is portrait or landscape.

For the 10.1, the setting is a bit more complex, but nothing much more complicated than fold, with joy, the joints of this spider! :-)


10.1 tablet in landscape on the medium

10.1 tablet in landscape on the medium


Spider Tablet 1

Tablet 10.1 in portrait mode

There too, the touch part of the screen is not covered by the end of the legs.
So for readability and setting, I give a 5/5, because even if it is a little more complex on the 10.1 it no less fun still. In addition, all the buttons around the Tablet remain easily accessible, Ditto for the speaker!


4. Ease of transportation:

As is the way on the 1st photo, if one extends the support, it is very flat and is then gently in a briefcase or a backpack. To put it in a bag, then just fold all legs. And as it is light, it is not what will hinder us!
In addition, support can be installed on any surface, I tried to hang it behind the seat of my car (like to make an integrated DVD player) and many… not to worry! You can really hang it everywhere like a real spider! And as it is made in a non-slip material, it will be no bad surprise!
For transport I gives the rating of 5/5, no complaints!


5.  Protection:

Even if this is not its primary role, the support will receive the shock of a fall easily.
Indeed, the spider exceeding part and sides of the shelf, during a fall, it will absorb the shock because it is made in a matter which is not rigid. In addition, there is no consequence on this one because it is done in a kind of rubber. On the other hand, I still recommend trying since too large height or on a corner. Here, the result will be the loss of the Tablet, but the spider as it will be still intact. Therefore a fall forward or backward will not worry because the support arm will be placed on the shelf and it will be them who will be in 1st shock.
So for the protection I give a 4/5 also.


In conclusion:
For this product, I therefore give the overall score of 18/20! It is a high rating, but I can't find anything to fault about this product! It accepts all the tablets, it is design, unbreakable (under normal conditions), hooks everywhere, attractive price and it is light!
So I will say quite simply, it is recommended if you do not know where to store your tablet or if you use to read books or watch movies. Or to make a Halloween decoration :-)
However to avoid for the arachnophobic. (Yes, I still managed to find a drawback, but it's really to find a!)


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There are also for smartphones:


I thank all team, partner site where you can find other Samsung accessories!


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