Test / review: Pocket bedside smartphone and Tablet

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 It's an almost undeniable fact: many of us use their smartphones to bed before going to bed… except that everyone does not necessarily of bedside table in order to put it down before going to sleep, lack of space or other. Put your smartphone on his bed, next to her pillow isn't really a good idea: unless you move little during your sleep, there are chances that stirring during your sleep, you give them a shot and hop that it falls off the bed with a risk of breakage! Or even you whupped him putting you on, no risk for the phone because your bed is more or less fluffy, but this may disrupt your sleep and even wake you up because something would have bothered you! In order to place your smartphone safely near your bed, and this without bedside table, there are storage pockets: this pocket has 4 pockets and is the A4 size. You have 2 parts: the first includes 3 pockets with mesh and 1 inside pocket of large format, and the 2nd is just a flat surface to stabilize the sleeve under the mattress for example. 20180429_122045 2018-04-29_12h28_38 The cover can be used in places other than the bed very well: arms of Chair on the side of a table, a ledge of window, etc… Thanks to these 4 pockets, you can put a large number of types of accessories: smartphone, Tablet, glasses, headphones, drugs, spray, remote control, book, headphones, cables, chargers, block notes, ball pen, pencils, etc… In short, these aren't opportunities lacking! And that's what's great with this package: you can put a little close anywhere from the time or you can put on weight, and you can put pretty much anything!   Link: https://www.mobilefun.fr/pochette-rangement-chevet-4-poches-noir-65830 test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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