Review / Test: hull Sony Xperia U Metal-Slim Graphite Style



Smartphones have become common in our daily lives, and they represent a more significant mobile market share.

Although real small pocket computers, more and more powerful with certain processors rivaling a true entry-level pc for, their main weakness is, I think, their fragility, especially for all touch models that have to interface a large screen and a few buttons that still exist. The slightest drop can be fatal, a crack in the screen and this is the end, or a very reduced comfort if it does nothing, either the often expensive repair costs. We arrived far from the Nokia 3310 ;-)

Protection of smartphones, include mainly the semi-rigid shells, rigid shells, and covers. For my part, I chose a rigid hull, even if the screen is therefore not protected directly by the shell, the fact that it is clipped on the phone with slight edge on the side of the screen already, as a first step, to avoid scratching the screen by asking the phone on a side table screen, and ensures strength reinforced across the rest of the phone. So I decide to try this Metal – Graphite Style for Sony Xperia U Slim hull.


As a first step, have coverage is good, but have no practical protection and ugly therefore less well for the side aesthetic and practical. I can say that this shell is very light, thin and yet solid, obviously I was not kicked off the phone across the room to check ^^ but the only hull, when the spear, or leaves a heavy object fell on it, it does not move and is at the moment still no wear or scratch mark. So even though the phone is put in his pocket and released frequently in the day, she does not wear mark and does not clutter, even for a pair of tight jeans. Then, features such as picture, side outlet, and another button are perfectly studied on measurement and not bother the general use of the phone.



For part protection, you can also notice that the inside of the hull is a little softer than the outside plastic and allows thus to absorb some of the shock and considerably reduced the impact on the phone, the outer part as it is more resistant, and helps absorb shocks due to small waterfalls.
The outer surface also has an interesting, non-smooth texture which allows an increased adhesion of the phone in hand. This allows avoided beasts fall just because the phone slipped us from the hand. After all, the best protection is the one that is before the accident ;-)  Supplemented with screen protection film to avoid scratches which can be done on surfaces not flat, as for example if the phone Pocket is shared with the home key.


My assessment is that the shell is much more resistant than hulls first prize that can be found everywhere on the internet or in the markets, and yet is not overpriced for a 15ene of euro it adequately protect your phone.
Are side practice, fine and good study for the model Sony Xperia U make a protection that we quickly forget. It is done with the phone without problem.


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