Review / Test: glass screen Protection tempered for Nokia Lumia 630/635

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 There are many kind of screen protection and they all have the same role to play: prevent our screen get scratched in our pockets or purse.  To do this, they exist in different materials: gel, a kind of plastic to apply but also of tempered glass. We will focus here at tempered glass protection category. The characteristics of the product are:

-solid protection and therefore sustainable

-antimark of fingers

-the impact and scratch resistant

-easy implementation

Composition of the pack: an installation guide for screen protection, a glass film soaked a cloth, a cloth with alcohol and an applicator.

1 ° puts

Ask a screen protection is something that must be accurate with as the most important step: having his IMPECCABLE smartphone screen! For what is the laying of the tempered glass protection there is only 3 steps:

(a) thoroughly wash his hands and his phone

(b) remove the screen protector sheet

(c) place the tempered glass on its screen and press lightly to help him drive out bubbles of areas.

  Really, it is very simple and there is no final rendering area bubble (I was never as easy and yet I already asked quite a protective film!). It is almost not there's something on the screen. However should be careful, because there is only a single screen protector. So if ever we rate the installation, you need to purchase another and tempered glass protection are among the most expensive market. Where they will pay € 15 for 5 protections, a tempered glass film it will be € 15 for 1 single movie…  

2 ° result

The reactivity of the phone is in any way altered, nor even the colors. One really has the impression that nothing is placed on the screen. It does not reflect the light. Until there is the miracle solution, however this is not solution antimark of fingers (but good I have oily skin should be said). Protection well married screen and it puts us in confidence to catch the claws in place of the touchscreen slab.

3 ° Summary

A very good product that replaces perfectly protection plastic which can get scratched or delaminate over time but need to be careful at the time of the application.   Link: in test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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