Test / review: Otterbox Defender Series iPhone shell 7 more / 8 more

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After years of use Samsung Galaxy notes (which were always protected by Otterbox Defender cases), I had a whim and decided to go back to the Apple (we're bored sometimes, what do you want xD).

Brief, given that Otterbox cases have saved the life of my note 3 at least XXX times (like every morning to wake up when I him fire from my nightstand, or whenever where he fell out of the pocket of my apron to work) I decided to continue with them, trying to protect my new toy.

The Otterbox Defender Series case is apparently one of the strongest hulls to protect the iPhone, made of several layers to resist impacts (layers that fit), all is well protected, as the screen corners and all access are protected dusts and others, while allowing access to all functions. All this sounds true! But:

installation: then um… I didn't think I'd need a manual for a shell, but as everything held up so well together, I was afraid to crack it by pulling on it, and in addition to the instructions I used a YouTube video to disassemble everything and put everything back xD Good after we understood what we can shoot and it's good :D, after it becomes easy

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built-in screen protection: actually, I hadn't even paid attention that there was screen protection built into the shell because I had never had that in my previous Otterbox.

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Hm… what seems to be great at first, to think that you can splash your phone etc without worries, is actually really boring: I was able to place and replace the hull, I always had a gap between the screen of the phone and the built-in screen protection, which made it horrible to type in the bottom of the screen!

So unbearable that I just…. torn from the knife of screen protection integrated, and now I can finally use the hull with pleasure to type my messages xD (not difficult to remove but to remove glue… with the heat it worked a lot)

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Otherwise, the hull holds very well in hand (although I did not expect it to be as imposing, more than the previous ones), it does not slip, it covers really well all the nooks and crannies of the phone and offers a feeling of security. The caches on the openings are not more pesky than that once you get used to manipulate and buttons are still as well even protected there just press a little harder, yet once you get used :) Also the (removable) belt clip allows to hang it on clothing, belts, or be used as support on a table etc.

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  • Only the level of protection offered and the holding in hands, if you're the type to easily let your smartphone is the shell need you
  • Not just the screen protection integrated at all so if you buy for this point I strongly recommend

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