Test / Reviews: Crystalusion (liquid glass screen protection)

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1   Protecting your smartphone screen is something every good owner wants to do. But then comes the time of the application of the protective film, bubbles, dust that puts between the screen and the filter, and thus the moment of nervous breakdowns … We may have found a solution for those who want effective protection and easy implementation. I named "Crystalusion" the liquid glass protection! Packaging of the product showing the different uses. Inside, we're going to find:

  • The user manual (to follow well)
  • A package that contains a pre-cleaning cloth, it is composed of alcohol (white packaging)
  • The second that contains the cloth, with the liquid glass product (black packaging)
  • A microfibre cloth for daily use and drying after the right time
Liquid glass protection was applied here it dries.

"500"] Liquid glass protection was applied here it dries. It can be seen on the screen that drops are visible – proof that there is liquid on the rags

3.  no-claim bonus:

It is said that with a kit, you have to go around the front-back of your device until the rags are dry. But hey, I also wanted to have protection on my iPadMini, so, after going around my iPod several times, went around my iPad until the cloth is dry. As a result, it also enjoys the same protection. (Just the back of the iPad on which you can see some trace, the cloth being too dry). But hey as it is always in its case it does not show.   Conclusion: Better than an ordinary filter because it is very easy to put on, but it retains all the capabilities of these. But with the disadvantage of drying 12H minium, hence the fact of applying the product before going to sleep. My score would be 16/20. We really have a value for money that is more than winning, with the ability to apply this product on several types of devices or glasses, that it is universal (God knows how I had trouble finding a movie suitable for my iPod 5!) Link to the product: http://www.mobilefun.fr/39834-protection-dcran-en-verre-liquide-crystalusion.htm   test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2      

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