Review / Test: Film / Viewguard anti-glare filter

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 One of the wounds of our screens nowadays, whether it is our screens of computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets or even GPS, it is the reflections that prevents us to see well what is displayed! and in addition to preventing us from seeing well, the reflections are damaging our eyes like the sun on the snow (fortunately in less ^^)! To protect our beloved eyes, I had already tested various solutions: the software filter F. Lux and a pair of glasses. I had no more than the solution of the protective film… Oddly, I find that there are not many films anti-glare for portable pc screen… As much, for our smartphones, we find it at times, already much less for our tablets, but very little for our PCs! anti-glare filterThe film/anti-glare filter ViewGuard, or as it is best known in English, ViewGuard anti-glare matte Screen Protector has for characteristic:

  • Made up of 3 layers: scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating and coating of silicone without residue
  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Easy to stick and unstick
  • Compatible with touchscreens
  • Anti-UV
  • Light transmission: > 90%
  • Glare reduction: > 90%
  • Ultraviolet reduction: > 99%


The test

The film is packed in a cardboard box, which already allows to avoid kinks and blows during transport. In addition, carton also serves as a manual because you have the instructions that are marked on. From Hong Kong, it will have to be patient to receive your parcel. The film consists of 3 part: 1 movie that is removed to apply the anti-glare filter, filter anti-glare and 1 last movie at the end removed. And as a bonus, you have a cloth to clean your screen before applying your movie. And from what I have observed, the rag is effective enough to keep the dust! At the cutting level, this one is good, even too good! The cut was made to the nearest millimeter for the screen of my PC, which results alas, no room for manoeuvre for laying! And that's what makes the pose difficult! Already that with small screens, like those of smartphones, it is not always easy, but then with a bigger screen… I still managed to put the film thanks to the fact that you have a small hollow space at the hinges and that the film can fit inside, neither seen nor known:-P for bubbles, if your screen is well cleaned, no problem , even if you have to insert your filter in the hinges, the second film that is removed at the end does not make things easier because if it contains bubbles, it becomes difficult to manage everything and to distinguish the bubbles that are at the screen-anti-reflective filter level , anti-reflective filter Bubbles-2nd protective film! But know one thing is that even if you have some little recalcitrant bubbles, this one does not embarrass the reading, personally, seen from the front, I do not see them at all. I notice that if I look at my screen side or on a dark background. Then side anti-reflective, of course this filter does not make your smooth screen in screen matte, but in any case, it is is close! The reflections are indeed pretty darn well reduced and visibility to the brightness level is not too diminished! I must admit that I was expecting at worst as a result, I do not know if their percentage is correct (> 90% of light transmission, > 90% of glare reduction and > 99% UV blocking), but what I notice is that I've even didn't need to increase brightness and many reflections have disappeared… I can't even longer to use my screen as a mirror! :-D  


A very effective anti-glare filter, but alas so accurate cutting makes the difficult installation (and removal impossible). A millimeter less on either side of the film would make the pose much easier! In addition to the F. Lux software, this filter will allow your eyes to no longer be dazzled behind a computer screen!   Link:

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