Review / Test: attack for smartphone Griffin helicopter


Have a ton of apps to steal (games) is good, but having a true flying machine, it's better!
I therefore propose the test of the helicopter assault HELO TC from Griffin!

Here is the famous beast:

The helicopter remote in its packaging

The helicopter remote in its packaging


In the package we have:

  1. 1 helicopter
  2. missiles
  3. spare blades
  4. a control handle
  5. the charger


To take advantage of the helicopter, you need to first download an application (visible at the top right of the box): Helo Tc. It is a free, yet happy, application that can be used to operate your helicopter. Found on both the Apple appstore than Play Store of Android.

Talk about the helicopter:

Helicopter assault griffin

Helicopter assault Helo Tc griffin

Nothing that the appearance, this small device throws a max! It looks much like an attack helicopter, no doubt about it!

-No part of the mechanism is visible from the outside, which offers better protection to shocks.

-2 main rotors are used to stabilize the unit, while the rear rotor is there to move the helicopter (don't be not disturbed to do not see turn all the time).

-It has 2 ramps of missile launch that operates with a spring, the range is about 3 metres (depending from the height of flight) but the sight is inaccurate, unless you are an expert on the RC (radio-controlled) helicopters.


  • Pilotage:
Command of the helicopter

Command of the helicopter

It took me over a week to well get used to the handling of the helicopter.

-It has no adjustments to make if calibrating the chopper for not that it does turn on it even. It is a simple operation that can be adjusted via the "trim" (visible at the top right of the photo).

-For the control of tir, you have the 2 buttons in bottom right and one for the left ramp to ramp up right

-The throttle is, meanwhile, left. For starters, the power is limited to half, allowing to avoid quite a crash, as well as loss of control, because this little beast is still very powerful. This allows you to learn how to properly operate the device. Once you master well, just go into options and choose expert mode to gain access to all the power. But do not be hurry! Movement is controlled via the handle which is on the right, you can choose to move the machine either by moving the joystick yourself or via the accelerometer of your smartphone.

-The "Flight Plans" option to save the orders you made and thus allow your helicopter to reproduce. Practice to make a demonstration.

-The last button, orange, allows to land your device in emergency, if you have a problem or you fear an imminent crash.


  • Control module:

It is a small room that you need to fix on your smartphone.

It is very ergonomic and has a non-slip surface, so no risk for your smartphone. But be careful however the proportions, the length and the width are calculated to accommodate an iPhone 4 as maximum size.

Face internal with the antiderapente surface

Face internal with the antiskid surface

It allows to send commands to the application to your helicopter by infrared. And this is where the big flaw in my eyes. Because the problem of infrared and if ever you do not always point your helicopter with the command module, it will simply fall back. A problem that would not have happened if they had used the bluetooth technology. But hey, it consumes less battery in a sense.

Control by infrared module

Control by infrared module, 4 bulbs at the top allow the emission of signals.

One of the things to know is that we should always try to be in the back of the unit to direct. Because if ever faced him, you want to turn right, you will need to tilt your smartphone to the left. So keep in mind that the control module is actually the cockpit.

This module requires 4piles AAA, 2 in each sleeve. Batteries not included


  • Autonomy:

For a full charge of the helicopter, it takes a good 45 min. It is done by a USB plug to bind between the device and the PC (or USB adapter). With it, you have an autonomy of a 20-minute flight, if you manage well the gas.


In conclusion:

For this helicopter, I attribute the mark of 14/20. Learning being fast and the camera responding well to commands, it is a pleasure to fly with, once mastered.

The accusations are the facts that:

-The controls are infrared.

-Batteries which are not supplied.



Helicopter available on:

And if ever you wish to other gadgets also fun as the helicopter, think of a ride at! ;-)


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