Test / notice: lamp spherical PlayStation Playbulb


Winter is never very nice: when we wake up, it's dark… When we get home from work, it's dark… In short, in these dark times, the sweet caress of the sunlight lack us…

To brighten up your home, here are the spherical lamp PlayStation!


  • Controllable from your smartphone
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Color of the light to the choice
  • Wireless
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Autonomy of about 8 h
  • Dimensions: 153mm x 140mm

The test

This lamp 2.0 has a knack for attracting the eye: almost completely spherical, it is wireless.

Its built-in battery, allows him to illuminate your room or even your garden about 8 hours! What is a very good battery life! Its recharge is done wireless with its dedicated base.


By asking the top lamp, reloading snaps automatic thanks to the pressure exerted on the button.

The charging is done in about 3 hours.

The lighting of the lamp is carried out thanks to the button that is located in the flat/recessed. Very good idea because this part recessed allows this light to be stable and not to drive in all the sense, but also to hide the button, and thus level design, we feel that the spherical lamp is well planted and turns a bit magically.

The PlayStation Playbulb spherical lamp with its base

Thanks to his degree of protection IP65, this lamp, although fragile, resistant to water and dust:

  • IP6x: Totally protected against dust.
  • IPx5: Protected against jets of water from all directions to the lance (6.3 mm nozzle, distance 2.5 m to 3 m, flow 12.5 LPM ±5%)

So except immerse it in water, you don't have to make you worry!


On the colors and brightness, everything is done from the smartphone application: easily connectable in bluetooth, it's your smartphone that controls this lamp: color, brightness, time of trigger/extinction, mode blinking, melted, Rainbow, etc…


Note that with the application, you can even fly several lamps!

Effect of atmosphere guaranteed!


Simply a great lamp connected that will brighten your home or even your outside!


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