Test / reviews: AGL lamp night


With the advance of the miniaturization of technology, it can be found everywhere, even to toilets like the famous Japanese toilets with sensors and cleaning and massage options!

Unfortunately, it is quite expensive and is therefore not very accessible in our countries.

Here's a gadget that should help men to go to the bathroom at night: the AGL flashlight night.


The test

Wake up during the night with the urge to go to the bathroom, which has never experienced such a need? Except that slightly awake once our brain begins to think and it is at this time that a big question arises: if I go to the toilet, I would need to turn on the light which will wake me up once, am I really going to risk it just to relieve my bladder? Otherwise it is always possible to go without turning on the light, but then we risk a fight with MOM Dad or just Mrs.

But luckily there is an alternative, the lamp LED to toilet bowl.

Let's not get hung up on the packaging which has nothing magical. Just a blister with the product and a cardboard box to close the back with the name of the product.


When unpacking you end up with a white case at the end of which is an LED.
The device feeds with 3 AAA batteries (not provided) and the lifespan is approximately 30,000 h with a battery set (manufacturer information, I don't have time to wait 1250 days on my toilet to affirm this estimate).

The LED may illuminate your WC of different colors: blue, purple, cyan, yellow, white, green and red. Either you can immobilize the device on a color or choose that the light changes color at intervals of a few seconds. It is
also possible to choose between 5 levels of lighting but only the maximum power is interesting the rest being not very bright and does not give a nice effect.


To install the device, nothing complicated, simply bend the duct that connects the unit and the LED then to lay on the edge of the bowl of your toilet. Anyway, be sure to install the box so he sees you arrive on the throne. Because the light by detecting movement it is essential that the case can see you. In addition, the unit is equipped with a light sensor for not lit all day.

How does a motion sensor work?

We are increasingly found in our days but it can be good to explain the operation of this type of device.

This one will actually capture the infrared rays emitted by the human body. And as the eye that will capture your movement sweeping an area into different segments, if several segments capture your infrared radiation, at that time, your detector will be activated and will transmit a voltage. What will then operate your device, or turn on a light, open a door, or even any other works that may have such a detector



Even if he is a gadget, it is really useful and beautifies your toilet. For children, it is also a product interesting and comical.


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