Test / reviews: Kit band LED Veho Kasa


Nowadays, electrical appliances become more and more connected. Nothing with a smartphone and installation that's going with, you can (TV) order a multitude of devices, for example in home automation you control over television, heating, the shutters, gates, lights, etc…

Here, I will introduce a controllable led Strip kit by smartphone: the band atmosphere Veho Kasa led kit.

veho kasa

This relatively simple kit to install and usage is:

  • a with adhesive 3 m long led Strip
  • a bluetooth control box
  • a power adapter
  • 3 tips to power adapters to make compatible kit international

With this kit, you can give your interior an incredible atmosphere with these led 3 m. (Only reserved for your interior, this LED strip has no protection and is therefore not waterproof.)

These 3m LEDs can not only give you back the colors in RGB, but it's also programmable with your smartphone thanks to the bluetooth control box! And wh
en I say programmable, it's really programmable: you can choose the color, the time of ignition and extinction, as well as the days, intensity, etc. …

Plus, the 3m of tape can be cut to the length you need without worry!


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