Test / reviews: speaker Veho 360 Bluetooth Retro Mode M6


A Bluetooth speaker, Yes… But it has a look that clearly attracted me because it is classy enough and blends much better in a decoration that something more modern, more plastic often, she does not shock any in decoration and instead brings this little retro touch and more.

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The fact that it is the brand VEHO that I already used before and always appreciated until today, did the rest to convince me to give a chance to this model.

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I needed a speaker to be able to go on vacation when you're in the hotel room and that it was not always want to use the speakers of our smartphones, which are better than before but still not exceptional, and it increasingly the above-mentioned appearance, seemed good on paper, with its "two acoustic drivers coupled to of powerful speakers," and its battery 1800mAh for an estimated period of 8 h.

What's more, we can also connect it via jack socket not working Bluetooth devices.

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That was the theory, now in practice:

  • super useful handle to move
  • the battery does have great autonomy, I have not yet had to recharge it after the initial charge (2-3 hours of charge, is done by USB)
  • the sound quality… WOW. It's rare to be able to say that about Bluetooth mid-range speakers, but here, impressed by the clarity of the sound, the bass, the fact that even without the use of equalizer, they sound great with almost all music genres! I won't pretend know me enough to talk in more technical terms of the sound quality of these speakers to 3 watts, I can tell you that for me, these are the best I've had so far in this range.
  • handsfree call integrated with music that is cut automatically, can be useful to never miss a call when using the speakers with his phone.
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In short… I rarely was also convinced by an audio product, I'm glad! :-) I'm looking for, but I have not yet found wrong side so far…

The speaker is also compatible with all Bluetooth smartphones, including the Sony Xperia XA2


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